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1:00 AM   [19 Dec 2018 | Wednesday]

Rice Destoner Should be Used in Accordance with The Operating Rules

Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG) equipment sometimes causes short-circuiting due to mistakes in the installation process. This situation needs to be checked and corrected in time. If we want to avoid a fault such as a short circuit in the rice destoner equipment, we must use it according to the operating rules.

1, the operator can not be skilled in the knowledge of electricians, but must be clear about the principle of electrician, better in the familiar with the structure of the equipment and the basic principles of maintenance, familiar with the rice milling process;

2. The operator also needs to influence the changes in the characteristics of the rice destoner, the moisture content, the finished product requirements, the old and new grinding conditions, the climatic conditions and other factors on the operation process of the flour processing machinery, and master the corresponding adjustment methods;

3. Master the method of measuring the stripping rate and the powder extraction rate of rice destoner equipment to ensure the effect of each structure;

4. Understand the production process and characteristics of rice destoner equipment, the situation of system setting and the role of each system, and master how to operate to achieve better milling effect;

5. Familiar with the main structure and function of rice processing equipment, operation precautions and methods in the production process, especially the parts closely related to the use effect;

6. Memorize the equipment configuration of the grinding rollers of each system and the equipment of each system, so as to cooperate well in operation.

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