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Tarot Card Reading


How does Tarot Card Reading Works?


Many of us have a common misbelieve that tarot reading can predict our future but in real life it’s not exactly how it works. It mostly shows the possible outcomes and determines the vibe and energy which surrounds a person. A professional tarot card reader knows that the future can never be predicted accurately. So therefore, they focus more on what could be the possible outcomes.


In the entire deck, there are a total 78 cards which are further divided into their traits and representations. There are major and minor arcana cards specifically. Major arcana consist of total 22 cards whereas minor arcana have 56 cards.  The major cards deal with the law of karma and spiritual learning while the minor ones reflect the experiences which we gain on a daily basis. All these cards basically reflect our inner thoughts. We might think that tarot reading might reveal our future but it actually just reflects the inner version of ourselves. It works like a mirror showing what’s going on in our mind and it opens the door to our inner wisdom. Everything we witness, everything we experience is can be traced in the 78 tarot cards. Tarot reading focuses on internal intuition. In other words, it works with our subconscious reasoning and accordingly reveals what possible results you can expect. This also helps in setting goals, making future plans since your subconscious mind has already revealed your inner thoughts. The whole process works on your thoughts before pulling a card and how those thoughts change after you see the meaning behind the card you just picked. For instance, if you want to be successful in your work or any other aspect of life the card which you have picked will indirectly show you the way of achieving your goals.


Dr. Geetanjali Saxena is a wellness coach and a professional tarot card reader with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in counseling, hypnotherapy and tarot reading. She is trained in multiple modalities under various international trainers which give her a multicultural experience to understand different types of people and their nature.

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