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Maplestory M Mesos The Marvel Machineis Back

The game at its core is extremely different from everything else out there, and has a special place in my heart, even if I do not play much. I have spent all their mechanisms that were cookie-cutter and a lot of time playing different MMORPGs, and it got very ironic, really fast.

Maplestory didn't for the most part, it kept me playing and entertained for a good long five years. And if I attempted to buy Maplestory M Mesos? There was always something. If I return , it'll be for Star Planet, and when I do not I will be here for maplestory2:P

The main reason I've enjoyed this game so much when I was never really good at it had been because it was new, different, and enjoyable. When things in life proved too thick for me to consider it gave me something to think about and love. Even the people that left this community made their own because the game was that great continued it.

For making a game that gave me something grand to be a part of and touched my heart, I thank you, Wizet and Nexon. Have the greatest Anniversary an MMORPG has ever known, for the sake. This, from most of us.Everyone who has tried to kill Pink Bean, Von Leon, Cygnus, and also in brief - each maplestory2 boss that has a Damage Reflection, understands that trying to kill this bosses solo is probably the only thing to do.

Why? Because when attempting to see whether the boss has Damage Reflection, you're left wondering what exactly is happening with the harm numbers your nearest and dearest do. As if trying to see outside of your damage amounts wasn't hard enough.

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