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Special gifts for bridesmaids and godparents

 Organizing a wedding involves being aware of a thousand and one things, fortunately, couples have some support that makes it more bearable, not only the months before but also during the big day. Other important and more traditional figures for the symbolic function they perform are the godfather and the godmother of the wedding. All of them are important and relevant people in the life of the couple and therefore they are usually given a special little detail. We give you some ideas:


For the bridesmaids and the godmother


Matching bracelets

A classic, thin chains or bracelets that you all have the same and you can always wear to remember your friendship and that special day. They can also be necklaces or earrings.

Photo album

Surely, your bridesmaids are also very close friends with whom you have shared a lot of beautiful moments. Therefore, you can make some small photo albums or a special frame and write down dedications of what each one means for you.

Personalized robes

You may decide to accompany you during the hours prior to the ceremony, those in which you arrange and finalize the details. The bride usually wears a special bridesmaid robes for that moment, so you can also give gowns to your girls with their embroidered names.

Brooch or adornment for the hair

The delicate adornments for the hair with floral and natural reminiscences are tendency and they will be a beautiful and original detail so that they put the day of the wedding.


They are here to stay and we all have one (or many more), they can be personalized with whatever we want and they are super useful for day to day, so you can make a bag for each one, engraved with their names and the logo of your wedding or a dedication.

Spa session

A gift that you can enjoy all, after the nerves of organizing the wedding and the possible lag of the bachelorette party, what better to give a spa session together to relax?


For the groomsmen and the godfather



You do not have to be personalized, but you can give the same cufflinks to everyone and that's how you wear them. Twins can last a lifetime and will always remember when they use them on other occasions.

Surprise Box

What do you think of a stylish box that contains an elegant tie next to a good bottle of wine or liquor? It depends on the budget with which you count, this is a gift.


Never fail, choose an original design, as personalized as you can and record it in a mug or beer mug. Personalized cups are a gift that you can remember at that time each morning when you have your coffee, or use them to drop your money in the office.

Vintage engraved flask

Maybe a flask with whiskey reminds us of cowboy movies but it can be an original gift even for decoration, a beautiful flask with the name of each one engraved.


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