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12:37 PM   [09 Dec 2018 | Sunday]

Details to Be Aware of During The Rice Destoner Machine

It is a non-negligible thing to pay attention to in the process of processing rice with  Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG) equipment. Only by paying attention to it will reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles and failures in the later stage, so as to better improve production efficiency and ensure that the processed rice tastes good. However, because many professional knowledge is involved, many users are difficult to understand and operate. The details that the company's technicians need to pay attention to during the processing of rice in rice destoner equipment are as follows:

First, the rice as a raw material is subjected to a decontamination process. Use high-quality yellow rice without mold, insects and odors as raw materials, pour into clean shallow mouth large pots, spread out and carry out manual selection. The exfoliated rice skin, rice core, hard rice stalk, sandstone, mud and other impurities are screened out, leaving only clean rice for use. The rice raw materials after screening shall not contain more than 3% of impurities.

Wash the miscellaneous rice with water for 3-5 times, and wash it repeatedly, but don't over-smash it, so as to avoid the loss of starch in rice. If impurities appear during cleaning, remove them in time. Wash until the basin is clear. Place the washed rice in a shallow-mouth container, hang it flat and let it dry until the surface is almost dry.

The dried rice is sent to the dryer for further drying. Turn on the switch, adjust the temperature to 110 ° C, and dry for 7-8 minutes. After drying, the rice should be loose, not agglomerated, and not browned.

Then, the processed rice is sent to a pulverizer for pulverization and milling. The milled rice flour has a fineness of 60-200 mesh, and the moisture content of the flour is about 20%.

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