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4:05 AM   [09 Dec 2018 | Sunday]

Who Is David Mirich?

 About David Mirich

David Mirich is a famous name in the profession of psychology. He has served as an administrator as well as teacher at various colleges and universities. Nowadays, he helps people with different kinds of psychological issues and offers them treatments. He is all time available for English as well as Spanish patients.

David Mirich loves to help out people with addictions through his service, Paths Center. He helps them overcome their psychological problems with simple and easy to follow efforts and suggestions. What makes David so popular is his great sense of humor that makes patients feel comfortable with him. He has written a number of good books including The Unenviable.

Top Ways to Beat Addiction

According to psychologists and David Mirich, here below are some of the best ways to beat addiction.

1. Socialize with People

Addiction, whether it be drug addiction or some other type, is dangerous for the people. There are some medical ways to deal with it but people can also beat addiction with some simple ways. Making friends and spending time with them is one of the best things to do for the people with addiction. Friends let you explore new ways to see, experience and feel the world.

2. Change Habits

Change in habit is the most important thing to do if you are serious about beating addiction. If you will follow the old addicted habit, it can do nothing for you. Prioritize things, bring a positive change, avoid negative people and set your goals. There should be a change in how you treat people, how you take care of yourself, how you see things around and how you behave.

3. Medications

According to psychologists, along with other things medication is also needed for people to beat addiction. With medication, they feel better and forget about the addiction. The medicines and treatment meted out to the addicted people are meant only to provide them relief against addiction. Such medicines have no particular harmful effects for the patients. So these are totally safe for anyone unless a physician doesn’t recommend.

4. Motivational Interviews

Motivation is the best thing to bring a change in any person. Without motivation, no one can work on anything. The addicted people also need motivation so that they can feel it and realize what wrong they are doing. Case studies and examples of other people will help them understand this better. They can really become better with motivation.

5. Cognitive Behavior Therapy

This is purely a technical treatment only carried out by the experts. As we know the addicted people have often desires to use substances, and medicines so they should be told how to control it. CBT is all about helping them overcome this desire and bury it alive. This happen slowly but brings tremendous results.

6. Life Skills Training

Everyone has a talent and the addicted people can be good at anything. The experts believe providing such people skill training and making them able for doing a job is one of the most practical solutions. When they will have a skill, they will spend their time doing the job. But for this, first they need to reduce and beat the addiction. This is effective for later stages.






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