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12:30 PM   [02 Dec 2018 | Sunday]

Cure The Abnormal Noise of The Paddy Separator

When the Paddy Separator(LIANGGONG) completes the equipment, there will be noise sometimes. When the equipment is noisy, everyone should pay attention, because a normal paddy separator complete set of equipment will not work when it is working. Noise is emitted, although the equipment can continue to work after the noise has occurred, but the noise has many hazards, first affecting the working environment, and secondly has adverse effects on the equipment.

First, the windshield of the paddy separator machine completes the abnormal sound, which has a great relationship with the compliance of the windshield. It is because the welding point is rough during the processing of the rice mill complete equipment, and the edge of the small windshield is inconsistent, the assembly is often caused by friction with the end of the rotor.

Second, the electromagnetic sound. Divided into high frequency and low frequency. It can be the result of poor conformity of the shaft core position and the inconsistency of the core, and the inconsistent processing of the outer diameter of the rotor. Usually, the rotor replacement method is adopted to eliminate and solve such problems.

Third, the motor of the paddy separator machine completes the sound of high and low and heavy. The reason may be: the air gap between the stator and the rotor is not uniform. At this time, the sound is high and low and the interval between the high and low sounds is constant. This is caused by the bearing wear causing the stator and the rotor to be different. The three phase current is unbalanced. This is the reason that the three-phase winding has a wrong grounding, short circuit or poor contact. If the sound is very dull, the motor is seriously overloaded or lacks phase operation. The core is loose. When the motor is running, the iron core fixing bolt is loosened due to vibration, and the iron core silicon steel sheet is loosened to emit noise.

Fourth, if an uneven collision sound is emitted, it may be caused by the blade hitting the fan cover.

Fifth, the noise caused by the fixed rotor friction is a limit state of the broom.

Sixth, the other is due to the partial ejection of the wedge, the vibration, the length of the bolt fixing the bearing cap, etc., and is also part of the cause of the noise. This is necessary to promptly check whether the components of the rice mill complete equipment are loose.

It is recommended that you pay attention to some small anomalies of the paddy separator machine equipment during the use process, promptly check and eliminate, and leave no hidden dangers to safety. If your paddy separator completes the equipment, it is recommended not to handle it yourself, and seek professional help in time, so that the problem can be solved as soon as possible to ensure normal mechanical operation.

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