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12:17 PM   [29 Nov 2018 | Thursday]

The Principle of Grinding of The Rice Whitener

The Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) machine is affected by the gravity of the particle fluid itself during the milling process. The particle fluid density on the cross section of the drum white chamber is not uniform, the fluid density in the lower part of the white chamber is large, and the upper half is small. Therefore, the white pressure of the lower part of the white room is high, and it is easy to produce broken rice. In the upper half of the white room, the particle density is due to the particle density. Under the action of the high-speed rotating drum, the rapid collision between the rice and the white chamber components is easy to produce the fallen rice, especially the rice and rice, and the machined rice is almost completely peeled off.

The self-weight of the rice fluid in the white chamber accelerates the speed of the rice through the white chamber. The rice grains pass through the White House for a short period of time, and the rice grains are slightly milled, and it is necessary to grind the high-quality rice. In the multi-channel whitening process, the number of shearing and bending of rice embryos increases, and the retention of embryos is extremely unfavorable. In horizontal and vertical rice machines, the roller white pressure adjustment is mainly controlled by the weight pressure gate. Since the weight of the weight is discontinuous, it is difficult to achieve precise and continuous adjustment of the rolling and white pressure adjustment.

1. Check the smart kitchen germ mechanical parts before using the rice whitener. Open the top of the funnel on the machine and pour it into the top of the hopper. (Note: If the funnel cover is not covered by the microswitch, the machine will not start if it is turned off.)

2. The work of the machine began to press the power button to turn on the power (and then press the power button to turn off), to confirm the power of the machine rolling valley after booting. (Note: If you open the hopper lid in the rolling valley, the machine will start to stop working, then the hopper top cover should be modified, and then resume normal operation according to the start button machine).

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