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Texas quarterback Watson feels guilty of losing

Deshaun Watson,who had just returned from LOLGA a knee injury,did not meet expectations.
The Texans quarterback was underperforming in the 20-27 loss to the Patriots on Sunday afternoon.The pass completion rate was only 50%.A total of 176 yards was promoted.A touchdown was obtained,which was intercepted once and was smashed.Killed three times and the quarterback scored 62.9.
Watson said: "My performance is very bad.This defeat is my responsibility.My performance will be better than today.I have no spirit,I always struggle with the details.We need to improve the efficiency of the Red Zone.I can't always let the ball go hand in hand."
"I am the leader of this team and the leader of the offensive team.I should drive the offensive team to move forward,but I didn't do it yesterday."
Although Watson did not play the best level,the offensive frontline did not provide enough protection.In 42 retreat passes,Watson was pressured 23 times,the highest rate in the Texas game in the past two years.In addition to three kills,the Patriots also completed 12 strikes against the quarterback.
But Watson doesn't seem to be blaming his own players.He said: "I have been holding the ball for too long."
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