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Paddy separator is provided at the longitudinal sides

paddy separator is provided at the longitudinal sides, under the table, with vertical screws by turning which, after loosening the set screws, the inclination of thetable can be altered as required, whereupon the set screws are again tightened. The adjustment of the table is, therefore, a fairly complicated one. It is necessary first of all to loosen the set screws, then to adjust theset screws distributed at both longitudinal' sides of the table, and finally to tighten again thesingleset screws. The miller has of these setscrews to the other around the whole of the table, whichtakes a great deal of time, as the table for lar e machines is three meters long, or even stil longer. The adjustment can, moreover, be effected only when the table is standing still.

The conventional way to husk rice is to pass it between two rubber rollers that are rotating with a surface speed differential. The resulting normal pressure and shear stress causes the husk to be peeled away from the kernel. The process is suited to high-rice flow rates, but is energy intensive and can result in considerable wear to the surfaces of the rollers. The operating parameters for machines of this design are usually determined and set empirically. In this article, some experiments and calculations had been carried out in order to explore the mechanisms involved in husking rice grains using this method. A simple sliding friction rig with load cell and high-speed camera was used to observe the mechanisms that occur during husking. 

The operating speed of a pilot-scale or full-scale indented cylinder separator needs to be determined by scaling-up the test results obtained from a laboratory experimentation, kinematic index K), which is the ratio between centrifugal and gravitational force is generally used. By setting the kinematic index value equal, the dynamic similarity between two indented cylinders having similar shapes but different sizes is to be maintained. In order to have a same kinematic index, the rotational speed should be decreased in the power of two as the cylinder size increases linearly.

One of the effective parameters on broken rice while hulling is the way in which the machinery like the paddy husker work. With regards to the nature of paddy hulling operation in the milling process some of the rice quality losses occur at this stage because the hulling operation is mechanical and consist of different stresses. The main effects of all parameters studied were significant on the amount of rice breakage. The main effects such as linear speed differences of rollers m min-1 and variety were significant on the hulling index and the counter effects of linear speed differences of rollers and m.c. were also significant on the hulling index but did not have a significant effect on the amount of rice breakage.

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