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Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment - Home Remedies or Nuvigil Drug?

 When a person is diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea or OSA, all he can see is CPAP machine that could save him/her. However majority of people are not aware about the fact that there are other effectual remedies available in the market. In this write up you will come to know about some cool remedies that you can easily implement in the treatment of OSA. Moreover there is a drug called as Nuvigil which is also an excellent way to fight back with the daytime drowsiness which is a symptom of OSA.

Though Nuvigil nootropic medication is FDA approved, in some cases this drug may not work as expected. In such cases you can try out the home remedies explain in this article.

·        Yoga and other breathing exercises – These techniques include using breathing to cure the ailment. Pranayama is the best form of yoga which helps in the reduction in the symptoms of sleep apnea and also manages snoring. Yoga and breathing exercises are beneficial when you wish to shed some pounds as a part of your treatment plan.

·        Warm water gargling – Enlarged tonsils is one of the cause of your OSA and snoring related to it. This can be treated by gargling with salty warm water twice a day helps a lot.

·        Herbal remedies – Herbs are quite useful in the treatment of OSA and the daytime sleepiness associated with the same. You can ask a herbal expert to give you some herbs which are extensively used in the betterment of this sleeping issue.

·        Proper diet – Well it has no direct effect on the OSA ailment but it helps in curing the same. Include healthy veggies in your diet and cut off fats. Foods like walnuts, wild yam and ginger helps.

You can also keep taking Nuvigil 200mg drug while using these home remedies also. 

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