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12:43 PM   [12 Jan 2018 | Friday]

7 Tips to grow your Business by using Social Media

 Social media is a source of communication on which anyone can share information. This new form of media makes transfer of text, photos, audio, video and information in generally raising among internet users. Social has significance not only for regular internet users, but business as well.

1- Identify Goals and Objectives 

The First step which is helpful to grow your business is to identify your goal and objectives. Make sure before posting that what your are posting on the social sites, it’s better to make a plan for what you are going post and stick with it. Firstly insure how each platform works, what audiences you can reach, and what your objectives are and you will be off to a great start. Post regularly on your all social accounts, so that user keeps interest in your social accounts.

2- Understand Their Needs

Understanding what your viewers wants will help you be able to relate with them on a more warm level. Knowing what users want to read about and what they believe in will help you know what you need to give to them. Once you realize this, you can give the all they want - which means conveying them to your website to see what your business is concerning.

3- Use all Social Networks.

You may have some social network which you prefer most, but it doesn’t means that you followers fell that way. If you want success with social media then post across all networks.

4- Produce Valuable Content

Make sure that you are producing valuable content- not only into your blog but also on your social accounts. Having the best content helps display your business and website, this carries more customers.

5. Share with Everyone 

Share your social media accounts with every person you know. Don't share bad thing - but don't be afraid to share. By doing this, they will know you have a existence on Face book, Twitter, etc. and they can share it with everyone they know.

6. Engage with Everyone

Engage with your users, it means when they post something talk back to them.   Let them know that you understand what they are posting and what they want. Then, give them more what they want to keep them posting on your pages.

7.  Use Hash tags Often

Hash tags are very popular in these days. Everyone is using it to bring more audience to their blogs or websites. Using hash tags on Face book, Twitter, and Google Plus will help carry extra audience onto your social media sites and your website - but use it very carefully. 

Resource :- CSE Faculty at SIRT Bhopal (Sagar Institute of Research & Technology)

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