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Am I worthy to be Loved by God ?

We all know our Lord Jesus Christ is a God of love !!!

His love never changes and He loves till the end !!

I was just pondering over this subject, thinking am I worthy to be loved by God !!

I remembered a few verses, where we see the qualities, God expects in us to be found worthy for His love .

I state them here which will help us to make our lives worthy for His love !

  1. Psalms 103:13 . God loves ( deeply lives) those who fear Him ( with reverence, worship and awe ) Psalms 103:11,17 Psalms 147:11.                                                                                    ( Let us check whether we really fear thiis great God*)
  2. Psalms 146:8 Lord loves the (uncompromisingly) righteous or godly.                                       ( Am I sure I have been made righteous by faith in His finished work on cross)
  3. Proverbs 15:9 Lord loves him who pursues righteousness ( in all areas and relations).            ( Am I zealous to be always found doing, what is right and acceptable in His sight, in every area and relationship)
  4. Malachi 3:16,17 He loves those who fear Him and thought on His name or honoured His name .                                                                                                                                             ( Do I always meditate on His name which means His nature and character)
  5. Deuteronomy 10:18 God loves the stranger ( or temporary resident ) Hebrews 11:13 1 Peter 2:11                                                                                                                                       ( Am I behaving as if I am a resident of this world or as i am a stranger  here. Do I know for sure my citizenship is in heaven Philippians 3:20)

May God give us Grace to be found worthy for His love.

Have a great life found soaked in His Love !!!

Mood: hopeful
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Allwin | Sat Jan 13, 2018, 09:01

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Make me worthy oh Lord !!!


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