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12:30 PM   [05 Sep 2017 | Tuesday]

Come to Me; No More Time to Tarry

 12/17/09 From YahuShua HaMashiach, He Who Is Called Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy During an Online Fellowship, For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: The time has come, beloved ones; the time has come! There is no more time to tarry. Behold, the fire is kindled[1], and soon the winds shall blow across the face of the earth. Where then will you run, beloved? Where will you hide? For the whole world shall be set ablaze in My judgment. 
Beloved, how long shall you tarry? How long shall you remain unmoved? How long shall you fail to raise your voices? What is it you wait for? Have I not drawn you to the sound of this trumpet? Have not I, even I, pierced your hardened hearts with these words? Have I not blessed you with a multitude of words in your hearing?... Behold, I have placed My Word in front of you, indeed every Letter is within your reach! Beloved, take your fill! Stop listening to the adversary! Stop judging My word! For one who is a judge has ceased from being a hearer, and has also cut himself off from being a doer, where only pain, confusion and tears soon follow. 
Beloved, each minute you withhold does your faith weaken, each second you hesitate does your trust break. Therefore, come to Me quickly and sup with Me at My table. And when you have taken your fill, stand up and blow the trumpet. Go and tell your neighbors. And when they refuse to hear, go into the streets and tell the stranger. And when they turn away, go and seek out the homeless, the fatherless and the widow... Beloved, speak to them My words! Tell them of My sacrifice and of The Glory which is, and was, and shall soon return, and is also coming quickly. Place My Letters in the hands of all who are willing to receive them, doing so in My name. And to the rest, let it be to them as a trumpet of alarm and war, a declaration of judgment, a stern warning, a strong rebuke.
Beloved, I have spoken, and behold I am speaking again, for I am The Lord and I do not change. Therefore, be no longer confused on account of your flesh, nor let your minds deceive you. For you have One Master... I AM HE. Come to Me in sincerity and in truth, humble yourselves and cast off all this worldly knowledge, that you may see Me as I truly am! For I tell you plainly, Timothy is My prophet, yet you must look past him. Look past him, beloved, and tell Me what you see? Tell Me, who is there?

[Fellowship Participants] YahuShua! Jesus!... You, Lord.

[YahuShua] You have answered well. And if I am there, and you have recognized both Me and My word, then where must I be also? For the one who I have given to hear My voice shall indeed prophesy. And those who have eyes to see will recognize My words, and those who have ears to hear shall surely receive them. Yet only those who truly love Me will obey My voice and walk in that which is given. Yet for one to know Me as I truly am, they must receive of My spirit and embrace Me fully, whereby they shall see with new eyes and restored vision... Therefore, I ask you once again, do you really love Me?

[Fellowship Participants] Yes, Lord.

[YahuShua] Then make Me your treasure! For you are Mine already, even as I had set you apart for My glory from the beginning. Therefore, again I ask you, do you really know Me? For I have always known you; even from the beginning you were Mine. And if you have always been Mine, then come to Me as you are, and withhold not... Embrace Me fully, that I may reign in your hearts! Ask no more in doubt, nor seek Me in passing; ask as one dying of thirst, as one who is starving in this world, as one with few breaths left suffocating in this world of sin! Ask, and be broken atop this Stone! It is time!


12/17/09 From YahuShua HaMashiach, He Who Is Called Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy During an Online Fellowship, For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear (Addendum to the previous Letter, "Come to Me; No More Time to Tarry")

[Fellowship Participants] What does it mean when He says to stop judging His Word?

[YahuShua] Beloved, the time of testing this word has passed, yet you test Me still. How is it you have yet to discern? For I have indeed opened My mouth to speak, and through My prophets I have spoken to this generation, for I shall surely set all these crooked paths straight. And behold, My every word convicts, bringing all who hear My words into subjection, for My every word is law... Thus it has also become your judge, testing the quality of your works, revealing the strength of your trust and that upon which you have built your faith. 
Yet you sit still, pushing out the hand when My words oppose your will, holding fast when My commands shake up the status quo to which you have grown accustomed! Therefore, you have judged My word and seek always to find fault with My prophet, that you might somehow be loosed from these bonds, which you perceive hold you captive... Yet I tell you the truth, that which you seek to break is the very same by which you are held captive, and that from which you seek to be loosed is the only means by which you shall be set in safety. 
Is it not written: Do not speak evil of one another. For whoever speaks evil of a brother, or judges a brother, speaks evil of The Law and judges The Law. But if you judge The Law, you are not a doer of what The Law says, but a judge? Thus in the same way, one who speaks evil of My messenger and judges My prophet speaks evil of Me and judges The Word. And one who judges The Word will by no means obey it, but have set themselves up as an authority, a judge, held captive by their own evil thoughts. 
Again, one who refuses My messengers can by no means receive My message; and one who judges them has blinded themselves to The Truth. For there are none righteous, no, not one, yet The One who sent the message is true. Thus the one who delivers My word must also be its recipient, or how shall I send them? And the one who judges can do nothing and shall receive nothing; even that which he has shall be taken away... Therefore, what I have written stays written, and what I have spoken stands. And those who refuse to be moved shall remained chained, until the time be changed, says The Lord.

Behold, the time of choosing has come, all shall be sifted!
Even by this word shall it be accomplished, a great division!
For as it is written, so shall it be done...

Again, I say to you, I did not come to bring peace, but a sword!


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