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Swine Flu: Things you must now!

Swine flu is a respiratory disease caused by influenza virus that affects the respiratory tract of pigs. In 2009, it was first observed in Mexico and the disease became pandemic due to the infection with H1N1 virus. The flu being highly contagious, affected many people of different countries. The impairment that the H1N1 virus caused topped every news channel and made people wear face mask every time they step out. It is still a nightmare for many people!

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that swine flu is not as dangerous as it was seen few years back. Though the flu was announced to be a regular human flu virus, it is advisable to be cautious during winter and rainy season as its causes can be severe.

What causes swine flu?

Like any other common flu virus that affects people during their favourite chill seasons, air, water and other common places cause H1N1 virus to trouble you.

As the disease can spread through saliva and mucus particles, people may spread it by,

·         Sneezing

·         Coughing

·         Touching a virus-covered surface and keeping your hands on nose or eyes.

Avoid travelling by public transport, as the disease may spread when the affected person cough or sneeze. When a person sneeze, the droplets remain in the air for a while and catch you when you are in contact.

Your weekends are scheduled with parties and marriages? Cancel all your public appearances to avoid the flu spread through handshake. You are at high risk of getting the virus, when you share your drink or food with someone who is affected. Also, the germs linger on surfaces are commonly used lie tables, chairs, door knobs, cutleries. Postpone your dinner date and outdoor meet-ups and wait till the spike of swine flu take the edge off.

You may be workaholic or studious, but you should stay away from your work or school if you are ill. You may either transfer the flu to others or easily get affect with H1N1 virus as your immune system is weak to stop the virus at doorstep.

Are you a frequent traveller? Cut down your booing reservations for a while. These deadly viruses wander here and there on air and when you inhale infected air, swine flu develops. You should be more careful when you travel by ship or airlines where the percentage of getting infected is high as you meet different people of different states and countries.


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