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12:21 PM   [12 Aug 2017 | Saturday]

Purify Your Faith

3/19/05 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear (Regarding a paper “prayer rug” received in the mail)

Question asked by Timothy: Lord, do you wish to respond to the prayer letter from St. Matthew’s Church, regarding the paper “prayer rug” with Jesus’ image on it?

[The Lord answered] Indeed I will, Timothy. For this is where blasphemy abides and sin abounds, idolatry covered with purple and scarlet! Therefore write My words to all who call of themselves Christian, to all those who emulate the harlot, who have not ceased from practicing those things I hate...
For thus says The Lord: HYPOCRITES! Where are your hearts?! Look inside yourselves. Do you see The Messiah? Does He dwell there? Have you even unlocked the door for Him to come in? Why do you do these vain and contemptible things? I tell you the truth, you have surely forgotten Me, nor do you know Me at all!... Cease from bringing graven images before Me; your offerings are not accepted! Cease from opening your mouths in vain repetition; your prayers are not heard! Stop teaching detestable doctrine and contemptible tradition, for you have surely blasphemed My name; you have surely caused My people to sin! Day and night you set stones of stumbling at their feet! Year after year, you hew out great blocks of abomination upon which you build your churches, the weight of which you shall bear in the Day of The Lord’s anger! 
Churches of men, be ignorant of My ways no longer! Cast from yourselves all these graven images! Pray no more to those who lie dead in the grave; there is no life in them! For I tell you the truth, you have surely separated yourselves from Me; according to every Commandment you break, according to every jot and tittle you have endeavored to change, are you far removed! For you have become a wholly vain and ignorant people, a people who want no part with Me as I truly am, a wayward flock who ceases not from taking the name of The Lord in vain!

Dead generation, AWAKE! 
Churches of men, be revived and awake!

The harlot has seduced you 
And the father of lies has led you astray!... 

Lo, you walk through the valley already, 
And behold, the fire approaches quickly, 
Wherein all your riches shall burn 
And your every corrupt doctrine and 
Filthy tradition shall perish in the light of truth!...

Says The Lord God.

Thus says The Lord your Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel: Beloved, do you not understand? Know you not what the Scriptures say regarding all these things? Your Father in Heaven knows what you need before you ask Him. Therefore come to Me as you are, humble yourselves and ask, and that which is in accordance with His will shall be given you. Seek no more to lay up for yourselves treasures on Earth, for these things abide only for a moment, then quickly pass away. Rather lay up for yourselves riches in Heaven, the kind of which never pass away, true wealth which abides forever.
Therefore when you pray, pray not for those things which are passing away, seek not those things which bar your way before Me. Rather pray for those things which are well and good in My eyes... Beloved, pray for forgiveness in sincerity and in truth, and you shall surely have it. Pray for the light of understanding, for The Truth to reside within you. Pray for strength to walk in My ways, that you may make your repentance full. And beloved, pray blessings for those with whom you disagree and for those you dislike, and pray double for those who hate you, for those who hurt you and persecute you.

Beloved ones, purify your faith!...

Be cleansed of all this iniquity, turn away from all this impropriety; 
Keep The Commandments of God as they are written, 
And no more walk contrary to Me;
Remain in My love!... 

For The One alone whom you shall call Father is in Heaven,
And there is but One Mediator between God and man...


Therefore come now, all you lost sheep...

Return to your First Love, walk in the first works; 
Come out and make ready!...

Prepare to meet your God.


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