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12:36 PM   [27 Jun 2017 | Tuesday]

2017 The Year Of Overcoming The Enemy And Complete Victry

2017 the year of overcoming the enemy and complete victory But, you have to understand there is no victory a part from the word. And when you talk about the word you are talking about laws. Just like there's laws in the natural,natural laws, there are spiritual laws. And laws are definite. So, when you're dealing with God's word it's not something that's just up in the air maybe he will maybe he won't. No, laws are definite and set. In fact, natural laws are so precise that if you drop an object off a building it can be calculated how fast the object will travel, how many seconds it will take for it to hit the ground, and with what force it will hit. And that object will do it every time because it's something that's set. And God's word is definite. God says, I said it I will do it Ezekiel 24:14. The main idea of this lesson is: the victory first starts in your mouth. There are laws involved when you speak the word. I want to look at two laws in the natural, because the natural and the spirit are connected. The same way they work in the natural they work in the spirit. 1. The law of sowing and reaping-you sow a seed in good ground, water it, give it light and the seed produces a harvest (Mark4:26-28 Isaiah 55:10-11). So likewise in the spirit the heart or spirit of man is the soil and the Word of God is the seed Mark 4:14, the word is the water Ephesians 5:26, and the word is the light Psalm 119:130. So, each time I speak the word I am operating a principle. And that principle is designed to produce. In the natural the seed has the power to produce after its kind. A rose seed will produce a rose. In the spirit the seed,the word, has the ability to produce what it says. And Romans 1:16 says the word of God is the power of God. So the word of God, the seed of God is the power of God unto salvation-salvation means healing, deliverance, preservation, wholeness. So, the word of God will produce your healing, it will produce your deliverance, whatever you need the word will produce it. So, when you are operating in the Kingdom of God you are operating in power 1Cor. 4:20. And the reason it's in power is because the word is the seed and according to Romans 1:16 the word of God is the power of God. And there is no power greater than God's power. So, when I operate the kingdom of God properly I'm guaranteed the victory. Note this - the same ability/power God has his word has. Doesn't John 1:1 say, In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. You can't separate them. 2. The Law of Displacement- two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time. The word may seem small compared to your problem, but when it is sown it will grow up and it will become bigger than your problem. When the seed comes up it will displace what is there and establish itself (Mark 4:30-32) And these laws can work for you spirit, soul, and body to produce the salvation you need. Spirit salvation Romans 10:8,13-14,17 Notice the word or seed of faith. Faith is in the word so when the seed is sown the faith is released. God works with the seed 1Cor. 3:6. So, unless you hear the faith can't be imparted because faith comes by hearing. Since every seed produces after it's kind what you hear is what you will believe. So, unless seed is sown there is no salvation. And Romans 10:10 says... and it's upon that confession that you are made a new creature 2Cor. 5:17. So, no matter how low down and dirty a person thinks they are the word has the power to make them a brand new creation acceptable to God. How about soul salvation Look at James 1:21 Every seed produces after its kind so if you think on worrisome thoughts then the result is going to be worry. If you are going to change that you have to change the seed. And a lot of times people aren't aware of the consequences or results of meditating on certain things. And while you think you are just thinking on something you are actually growing something. 1Cor. 3:6 Paul preached and Appollos came behind him and reaffirmed what he preached. So likewise meditation is like watering each time you go over something you are watering that seed. (How many of you have ever worried about something) Notice all worry starts with one thought or seed and the more you went over it the more it grew. Because it's a law. Same thing with anger or anything else if you go over it and over it it will grow. The Bible talks about pulling down strongholds, well what is a stronghold-the best way I can describe a stronghold is-a thought that you meditated on too long and now it's grown out of proportion and you don't know how to deal with it. Do you start out in worry, no you started out with one thought or seed and the more you gave attention to it the more it grew. And if you don't know how to stop it it can control you. You can get to the point where you can't eat or sleep for worry and all that started from one thought. And what people don't realize is that they are operating kingdom principles/laws that were designed to produce. Here's what you need to understand kingdom principles work both ways they can work for you or against you. For instance Jesus told the two blind men according to your faith so be it unto you. But we see in Job he used the same principle on the negative Job 3:25 the thing I greatly feared has come upon me. Fear and faith are the same thing just opposites. Like north and south they are both directions they are just opposites. But James said the word is able to save your soul so the word is the supior seed. Which means when I saw it it has the power to eradicate and displays all that's contrary. Isa. 26:3 says...well the more my mind is stayed on him the less room there is for contrary thoughts. So, if I want peace I sow peace seeds and the peace of God will grow and all else will have to go. Because remember two things can't occupy the same space at the same time. As the seed grows it will displace /push out anything contrary. The engrafted(implanted) word is the seed for your peace. How about body salvation, The Lord is our healer Look at Proverbs 4:2023... notice he said put the word in your eyes, in your ears well to be in your ears you're going to have to keep it in your mouth. All those are entrances to your heart or spirit. God is telling you to plant and water the seed. Why, he tells you the word is life and health that word health is translated -medicine, remedy, cure, and healing. Life and healing power is in the word, but it has to be implanted for it to be imparted . Your flesh has no life in it. The only life your flesh has is the life your spirit imparts to it. That's why when the spirit leaves the flesh ceases to operate, there is no life in it. But, the life that's in the word can be imparted into you. I'm not just talking about natural human life I'm talking about the life that's in God because the word says God and his word are one. So the same life that is in God is in his word. And that life will displace all death in your body. Anything that's not functioning the way God made it to function the word can quicken it. Take Abraham and his wife Sarah for example God told him his descendants would be like the stars in the heavens and the sand of the ground, but while he was waiting for the performance of that promise he got older and his body was now dead. Now, God comes to him in Gen. 17:5 and says..., but remember it says in Romans 4:19 his body was dead and her womb was dead, but the word is life. Abraham's and Sarah's names was a seed Abraham means-father of a great multitude. And Sarah means-princess of the great multitude which is what God promised. God was using Proverbs 4 because they're hearing that, they're speaking that, and they're seeing that. God is planting and watering the seed of his promise. So, when the seed is implanted the life in the seed would be released. And remember the law of displacement two things can not occupy the same space at the same time so the more life comes in the more all death has to go. You might be experiencing some death in your body but if you just keep feeding it life that death will have to go. Now, we know that man is spirit, soul, and body. For the life in the word to get to your flesh it first must be imparted in your spirit first. And from your spirit through your mind. So your mind is going to have to be renewed to what is coming into your spirit. Your mind is like a valve it has to be open or renewed for what's in your spirit to flow through it. That's why 3John 2 says you prosper and be in health as your soul prospers. Your mind is going to have to come in agreement with the word being fed into your spirit when that happens it can flow. Let me just say this your flesh cannot tell you whether or not God has done something. God told Abraham-for a father of many nations have I made thee (Gen.17:5). Now was his body in agreement with that, no. His body was in a condition contrary to that, yet God said He has made him a father of many nations. Just like you might have something going on in your body, but God says you were healed (1Peter 2:24). Are you going to wait until you feel better before you believe he's already done something. He said you were healed don't look to your flesh to tell you whether he's done it or not. I think people don't understand what that scripture is saying: He has already provided your healing, but just the healing being provided doesn't change your condition until you receive it. For example suppose you were hungry and you went somewhere to eat, the waitress comes and takes your order and brings you your food. Now, the food is right there in front of you, but are you still hungry. The food just being provided did not take away your hunger. And it never will until you receive it. I know what God told me and when He said it it kind of threw me for a minute. He brought up in my spirit Jeremiah 1:4,5 when He told Jerimiah, I knew you before I formed you in the belly. And in my spirit I heard the question, How old are you. Then He said think about this everyone that has ever walked the earth before you, and everyone that is here now, and everyone that will come after you had to be back there inside of Eve. So likewise, every healing you will ever need is already in the word(seed) waiting on you to draw it out. You are not waiting on God, God has already supplied the seed. And a seed is not for God to do something, but for you to receive something. Because I can't have a seed unless He's already done something. Because every seed is the product of a finished work of God. I can only have an apple seed unless there was first an apple. So, I can only have healing seed unless there is healing first. The seed of the word let's you know what it will produce, it will produce what it says. Let me show you this last example of the word being healing seed-Acts 14:6-10 this man went from being a lifetime cripple to walking just by hearing the word. But, hearing just isn't hearing something was planted. I don't know what followed you from 2016 or what you may have picked up in 2017 but in the kingdom of God this is your year of victory.
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