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Generic Aleve the pain relief pill

Body ache is one of the most common symptoms for a person who is suffering from any underlying health condition. It can lead to sleepless nights and uncomfortable days, unless treated with an effective medication like Generic Aleve. This medicine has shown great results while helping to get rid of pain with just a few doses.

Generic Aleve is the best medicine to treat body pain. It comes under non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). This potent medication helps to alleviate cramps, headache, back pain, menstrual pain, muscles pain, arthritis, tooth ache, etc. It consists of the active ingredient – Naproxen which is approved by the FDA for relieving pain. Just with a single dose of Generic Aleve, one can get relief from pain and discomfort and also prevent pain from relapsing.

Generic Aleve works by temporarily blocking the natural chemicals in the body known as prostaglandins which are responsible for pain and inflammation.

The recommended dose of generic Aleve is 60mg. It is suggested as a tablet to be taken every 8-12 hours by adults when they are suffering from a lot of pain. This medicine is to be taken along with a glass full of water. One can take 2 tablets in the first 8-12 hours only when suffering due to severe pain. It is only to be used by children under the age of 12 after taking consent from a doctor to do so. Using this medicine continuously for over 10 days is to be avoided.

To avoid discomfort it is suggested to take this medicine with food, milk or an antacid. Sleeping immediately after taking this medicine or within the first 15-20 minutes is to be avoided. Also, the patient information leaflet should be referred to in case there is any confusion regarding the use of this medicine.

Generic Aleve tablets should not be used if a patient is allergic to aspirin or other NSAIDs (non- steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). This drug is not recommended for people who are suffering from severe heart diseases. In some classical cases stomach and intestinal bleeding has been observed, especially in the case of older patients. In such cases it is best to take the patients to a nearby hospital or a doctor immediately.


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