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A Very Brief History of Mankind


*** A Very Brief History
of Mankind

Throughout high school and particularly in college I hated history. I thought it was unequivocally the most boring subject there was; it just nudged out philosophy. Today, however, I've found history is actually one of the more interesting subjects around. I realize now the history I was taught was not truly history. You see, my schooling focused on American History and that is not truly history; but, it is the history of mankind that I believe most would find interesting. So I'll ask that you walk with me for a short while and we'll take a look at true history; the history of mankind. To suit our purposes we'll begin with the Knights Templar, Satan's right arm in this world.

Since true history is an excellent teaching tool we'll look at the beginning of the Knights Templar and further enhance our understanding of the subject matter by viewing the second and the third parts of the presentation. No part is more than roughly fifteen minutes long and they'll give us an excellent foundation from which we can comprehend the material that follows. Once we've gathered some insight into the origin and activities of this group we'll take that knowledge and apply it to the existing power structure that we may formulate the understanding of the Knights Templar's influence on the world of today; then, working from the fondation we've built we'll look at the ultimate goal objective of this power structure while keeping in mind, their plan is global. Viewing this presentation you'll find once again Satan comes with his "half truths" as he tells Alice Bailey to tell the world "He (the Christ) does not belong to the Christian world any more than the Buddhist or Mohammedan or any other faith" and this is true. He continues to tell her to convey the belief that "The Christ works for all men irrespective of their faith" which we know is a bold faced lie for the Christ is saying plainly in Matthew 7:13-14 there are essentially two ways mankind can go: the LORD'S way or any other way they want. Those who choose the LORD'S way will know His mercy through their lives and in their deaths He will safeguard them that they will not meet Satan and his demons while those who choose any other way, the other ways being the over 4,000 false faiths which include atheism and agnosticism, will know the wrath of God through Satan and his demons. 

If you would read Revelation 9:1-12 you will see in verses two and three it is speaking of the locust being released from the pit. These will not be literal locust but, the locust are used to symbolize the horrors of sickness and disease that cannot be cured and these will befall mankind in the last five months; so I will ask, do we have such things today? Well indeed we do; we have HIV/AIDS which is the perfect example. It's a bogus condition that can't be cured because it does not exist. The symptoms of full blown AIDS are brought about by the supposed treatment, AZT, which they will give you along with the phony HIV diagnosis proving MD's are not geniuses they are simply people with jobs who do what the system commands. Then they have Hepatitis from A through H all of which are agonizing and incurable along with the various Herpes simplexes which are also incurable but wait, there's still more. We also have Tuberculosis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and a slew of other ailments that were once treatable but, no longer are; are you seeing the locust spoken of in Revelation 9:5 yet? All these ailments a man will carry until his death and most will be the cause of death for many who carry them. If my perceptions are correct we are in the last five months of the world's existence which would be further proof of the possible last day being the 23rd of September 2016. If you haven't seen it take a look at Ezekiel 9:1-11 where the LORD describes the last day in relative detail.

In this very brief but concise presentation I've tried to convey truth. I'm sure you will need to so, study this matter further but do so quickly as you may or may not know time is limited. Look at some of the other video presentations on the pages containing the clips I've offered but, beware as Satan has his who make videos also and they will certainly mislead you if they are able. Do feel free to review all the links presented below and know the LORD is affording you the opportunity to learn His truth that you might be one to know His mercy. 

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