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4:22 AM   [07 Aug 2016 | Sunday]

Life Filters

 We all know that the decisions and choices we make affect our future.  That being said, what you decide to believe affects your future as well.  Your worldview influences your thought process, which in turn, influences the way you make decisions and choices, which includes the way you believe.  What filters do you use as you look at life?

Obviously, your desires play a role in your choices.  What do you want to see happen in your life?  What you desire and what you actually see happen may be two different things in the end.  Here’s why.

If your belief system doesn’t support the desire, chances are you will not make the appropriate decisions and consequent actions necessary to fulfill it. 

For example, if you don’t even believe it’s possible, you will have no real hope of seeing it come to pass.  More than likely, you’ll do nothing to bring it to pass.  Any effort you might make, would probably be halfhearted at best.  Somewhere along the line, you may find yourself sabotaging any progress, because you will act according to your belief.  Basically, your desire would be nothing more than wishful thinking.

New question: why wouldn’t you believe it is possible?  Let’s be clear, if the desires are contrary to the will and Word of God, that’s a no brainer.  But, what about those that are appropriate for disciples of Jesus Christ?  Here’s a hint.  The way you view yourself affects your desires.  Please don’t confuse this with “self-help” or mere “positive thinking” apart from the Spirit.  So yes, your view of your worth influences them; however, what spirit you cling to influences that viewpoint.  If you latch onto (the) Holy Spirit, you will gravitate to the correct view along with proper life choices.  If you hang on to the spirit of the world, you’ll have a wrong prospective.  The New Age movement has its spirit-guides which are demonic, and that’s nothing new at all.  Likewise, there’s the religious spirit that’s made its way into people’s lives.  That thing has ravaged more lives than you can count .  It attacks a person’s sense of worth because it’s based on performance.  It entices people into self-righteousness by attacking their identity.  People equate their actions to being good; but in reality, it’s in appearance only.  The heart remains unconverted, or does not become fully converted.  People want to look right before others, and if that’s their goal, their heart is still dark.  That’s called hypocrisy.  Hypocrites will always feel unworthy, because they’ve not received the righteousness of Jesus Christ.   2 Corinthians 5:21 He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him (NASB).

The things you possess, the relationships you have and so on, still depend much on your belief system. 

For example, if you filter things through a religious spirit, you will not feel free to possess expensive material things.  Never mind the fact that the Father may want to bless you in that manner.  As long as what you have doesn’t possess you, it may be more okay than you think.  This in no way endorses materialism.  As parents, we found we like to lavish things on our children.  If they have some expensive material possession, especially if it’s something we gave them, the object did not separate us.  They didn’t lose their relationship with us as their parents.  One might say, “The money spent on that, could have been used to help the poor.”  Fine, sell everything you have, give it all away, and don’t you dare accumulate anything.  No car, no extra clothes, no eating out, nothing!  How far can the religious spirit take things?  As far as you let it.  How far can (the) Holy Spirit take you?  Material possessions is not the topic here; however, it is really simple.  If you get a check from (the) Holy Spirit, don’t’ buy it.  That requires an honest and sincere heart.

Whatever spirit or attitude you filter your thought process through influences your demeanor.  If you lack peace, chances are you’re not being led of (the) Holy Spirit.  Wisdom from above produces peace (see James 3:17-18).  If you love feeling depressed or melancholy, you’ll find reasons to be depressed or melancholy.  If you thrive on anger, you’ll find reasons to become angry.  In one sense, you’ll also choose what kind of day you will have, based upon the disposition you hold.  A dark cloud can follow you around, even on the sunniest of days if you wish.  If you embrace rejection, you’ll look for the rejection.  You’ll even behave in a way that causes it.  God’s grace enables us to choose what spirit, attitude or worldview we embrace.  Prior to Jesus Christ, you didn’t have a choice.  Your only option was the spirit of the world.  Jesus came to set you free from that mess, but if you want to hang on to it, you can.  It’s up to you.  Circumstances only have as much power to dictate your attitude as you give them.  You can submit to the Lord, or the spirit of the world.  The spirit of the world says circumstances dictate whether or not you have peace; whereas, the peace Jesus gives surpasses understanding.  Many have been trained to base their peace, or lack thereof, on circumstances.  Perfect peace is foreign to most at first, which is why they wrestle with it.  However, perfect peace is the will of God for you.  Jesus said that we are supposed to pray, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done in earth as it is in heaven.”  Question: do you suppose fear and anxiety exist in heaven?  Of course not, perfect peace resides there.  Jesus also said that the Kingdom is within you (See Luke 17:20-21).  The fruit of the Spirit includes peace (see Galatians 5:22).  Does He live inside you?  Doesn’t that mean His peace dwells there too?  If you grant yourself permission to receive it by grace through faith, it’s yours for the receiving.  You choose!

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