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12:17 PM   [14 Feb 2016 | Sunday]

Celebrating Dishonor

 It’s not very often that I share on a personal level when writing blogs.  Nonetheless, I felt led to share an experience I had while reading a news headline on our computer.  There was an article that said a particular sports figure was booed at the Super Bowl: “Click to listen.”

As I read the headline, I sensed the Lord say to me, “They’re celebrating dishonor.” 

It gave me pause, especially since I could feel both grief and displeasure.  No, I didn’t click on the link.  This thing has been marinating in my heart all week. I really believe the Father’s intention is to bring us an acute awareness of His children celebrating dishonor, and how it displeases Him.

1 Peter 2:17 Honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the king (NASB).  Clearly the Bible says to honor all people.  Obviously, secular society could care less, and does in fact, embrace a culture of dishonor in many arenas of life.  Unfortunately, it has crept into parts of the Church in subtle and not so subtle ways.  Granted, it’s easy as believers to be swept into conversations that are less than honorable toward others.  Wherever people gather there is a likelihood certain discussions will lead to berating others.  It doesn’t matter if you talk sports; politics; business; social issues, or even church, negativity is going to erupt.  The Lord is calling us to guard our hearts.  We must put evil speaking far from us.  The Word does say to speak evil of no one.  “No one” means no one!  We are not simply talking about political correctness, which is the counterfeit of true biblical honor.  It is important for us to purpose to honor others.

[bctt tweet="Political correctness is a counterfeit of true biblical honor."]

It’s easy to justify our thoughts, words and actions based upon ideology.  For example: if I disagree with another’s point of view, it would be easy to shift into “attack mode.”  I might say I’m addressing his point of view, but would I be totally honest?  Healthy discussions are done in love.  If you separate love from the conversation, you’ll find dishonor knocking at the door.

Similarly, one of the things plaguing the Church is believers putting theology ahead of love.

There are divisions in the Church because of doctrinal differences.  It’s no wonder the Bible talks about doctrines of men and demons.  What would happen if we were more interested in loving one another?  What would the Church look like if we celebrated one another regardless of some theological points of view?  If we gather in love, the true doctrine of Christ will come forward, while the debates cease.  Have you ever looked at someone as not being a “genuine Christian” because he or she doesn’t believe exactly as you?  Perhaps, you tend to shun those who don’t belong to a particular denomination; or conversely, oppose those who are in a denomination.  Where’s the honor in that?  Is not the Church also the family of God?  If you’re going to honor Him, you’ll honor His children as well.

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