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Resurrection 3

 While waiting for the hand of God to materialize (so to speak), I was working out how to make the portal layers. The painting frame thickness, and the thickness of the Masonite sheet gave me a possible 9 layers. So I decided to use them all. This will also have the hand coming from the back of the frame, giving more depth.

Portal design sketch

I was able to minimize wastage by utilizing a three rings each from three sheets of Masonite.

h1 to h6 are drill holes for feeding the copying saw blade through.

Now that the hand of God was made, a base outline can be made. All the other rings spread out from this base outline to become a perfect circle on the outer edge of the portal.

Making of the portal layers

Top Left: Outline of the rings. Top Right: Hand aligned on its base outline, to check overall alignment. That (+), under the middle finger, will be the focal point of God's healing Light. Bottom Left: Cutting out one of the rings/layers. Bottom Right: hand sitting in the portal. Each layer was traced out by following the edge of its stencil.

Please feel free to make a comment. or ask a question.

To be continued...

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