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To Open Your Eyes That You May See and Your Ears That You May Hear


~To Open Your Eyes That You May See and
Your Ears That You May Hear~

To make evident the modus operandi of the Secret Society controlled media in America and throughout a large portion of the world I would like to offer two video clips. First we'll look once again at an earlier clip discussing a particular incident; then, we'll look at the same incident beginning at just beyond 7:00 into this production by a major news affiliate. Although it's the same incident, did you notice the brevity of the news cast delivery? Isn't interesting how the news media could give you only one third of the story? Now ask yourself, how many stories do you think are covered in a similar manner? How secure do you feel relinquishing your legally purchased weapon in a system that is notorious for giving it's citizens partial truths? Very often it's even doubtful that we're given any truth at all as it's taken for granted we're stupid; so in many instances, we're completely misled. Who can say, the way things are going you may actually need that weapon to fight supposed enemy soldiers at your front door. Unfortunately in the last video production the presenters perception is somewhat skewed as all politicians, particularly those above the community level, are owned and they do as they are directed by their owners. This is evident in every political system worldwide regardless of the nation of origin so, one can't help but wonder; who could possibly be behind all this? Well, there is only one force that has been around from even before the world was and he would be motivated to lead all mankind astray: Genesis 3:1-15. Consequently he comes to mankind with his bogus and egotistic system of signs and symbols making pretense he is what he is not that he may mislead all those who don't know truth and gather to himself all those who will simply choose his way rather than the LORD'S way. Fortunately we have the Bible and through it all mankind can know the truth of the LORD and Satan; all that Satan and his followers have done and will do: Luke 12:3. Furthermore the LORD will not allow Satan to mislead anyone; he must make all mankind aware of who he is when he decides to contact those of us whom he will. All those who come to agrement with Satan must also reject the LORD and once they do they are forever dead to the LORD in soul and body: Samuel 10:1-13:14. Notice Samuel 13:1 and realize the LORD gave Saul two years to learn of Him before He tested and found him unworthy.

We must know all that transpires is the LORD'S will which, in this case, is governed by mankind's actions. So as we see the erosion of moral standards advancing faster and ever faster with enhanced support from both political and social avenues, we must also recognize the probability that the end of time date of September 12th 2016 is very likely correct. It's clear to see America and her allies drawing closer to conflict with Russia and her allies; too bad the whole thing appears to me as a weakly choreographed routine. It's too bad no matter how weakly the scenario is played out we know it will cause massive loss of life, carnage and destruction so although we can all be certain the whole scenario is most likely a show put-on for those of us who are to be the victims of the game, we have no alternative but to play the game. You must known that anyone who is not part of the family, and ultimately it will be only the family, will be among those who will remain as servants; if they remain at all. Unfortunately that makes us all the intended casualties of the game.

Take the time to read the LORD'S will with your KJV Bible and pray to the LORD for His blessings of wisdom, understanding and knowledge of Him that He might open your eyes to His truth.

Mood: Blessed Always
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roberth1951 | Tue Dec 08, 2015, 15:12

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 Well if Sept. 12, 2016 is the end of time date then we won't have to worry about Hilary Clinton becoming President.

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