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12:53 PM   [22 Nov 2015 | Sunday]

Don't let Your Theology get in the Way!

 Be careful to not let your theology limit God. Do not be so entrenched in it that it voids the pure truth of God in your life. If you become unteachable, you will never go to the heights He wants to take you, because you will not have the needed depth of His Word in your heart. Be careful of embracing “I think” as an absolute. That's not to say there are no absolutes, because indeed there are. At the same time, those things that the Holy Spirit has not made clear should not be considered ultimate reality. Our absolutes can limit God, especially if they turn into strongholds and traditions. Holding fast to what we think we know can lead to foolishness (see Matthew 13:18-23; Romans 1:19-22).

There are many teachings that have gone out over the years. While there is new revelation of God's Word, care must be taken to ensure the revelation is actually from God. Things can sound “right” at first, until they are compared to Scripture. They may have elements of truth, but they are not truth as a whole. Those who teach such things are not necessarily heretics attempting to lead people into error; even though, there are those who do. In some cases, they teach partial revelations before gaining the full counsel of God. That is why it is important to be slow to speak and quick to listen before teaching anything new. When we use the term “revelation,” we are referring to an already existing truth that is new to us. Be careful when someone says, “I have a revelation from God that is too deep for the body of Christ.” More than likely, it's not from God. If it's too deep for the Body, then it's too deep for him or her. That is rather arrogant. Keep in mind that God verifies His Word, using at least two or three witnesses. If a one person gets a revelation, there will be others who receive it as well. It may not be evident at first, but those who receive new revelation will discover others have received the same thing. At times, there will be the trying of faith at those times, but God is faithful.

If people want to know God, they have to desire Him and know Him as He is. They cannot create Him in their own image, nor form Him into their imagination. To know God is to love Him, and remove anything that limits the revelation of Who He is. Therefore, if you want to know God, love Him and let Him reveal Himself to you His way. You may need to forget about what you think you know. You cannot hope to know Him if you filter the revelation of God through misconceptions. Be willing to change what you think you know.

If you study the Bible with the wrong thought process, you will not see His Word properly. You will miss the exactness of His meaning behind what it written. Each time you read it, read it as if it's your first time. Though you may know much, you may not know as much as you think. You have to approach it as if you know nothing. Approach the Word of God like a small child who is learning for the first time. Be inquisitive. Don't stop asking questions. Those questions lead to what He wants you to know. Interaction plays a major role in knowing about God as well as knowing His heart.

If you want to see people the way the Father sees them, you need to know His heart. If you know His heart, you will begin to understand how He wants you to interact with them. The more you know the Father's heart, the better you will love people. You'll grasp what the Father wants to do in their life and the kind of life He wants them to have. When you know the Father's heart, you'll better understand the way He sees you, and what He wants for you as well.

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