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My Discovery and Awakening of Jah

Firstly I would like to state this blog is not intended to insult anyone else’s views or undermine their beliefs, the bible, God or Jesus in a disrespectful way. I am open to engaging with others through conversations in a mutually respectful way constructively sharing how and why our views and perceptions are either different or similar, ultimately giving us both a greater awareness (even if we don’t agree or understand). I am not interested in negative arguments and name calling however. This is a place where I can express my own views freely. I am not saying they are all right, or this is the way, but this is MY way. It varies too many I’m sure, but I also know I am not alone in my thoughts and feelings, and that it is important for me to reach out with my message for I’ve been called to do so. So here goes. I had never read the bible until this year. From the stories I had heard expressed to me through others words and actions and evil doings reported through media, I was steered away from anything “religious”. My life was still spiritual and views and thinking unbeknown to me was in line with the true teachings of Jesus and the bible (Love and be kind to one other, treat others the way you would like to be treated) and all the things I had a problem with being done in Gods name, so did God. The demands and rules of what I call now the “other” false God and what the bible apparently instructed again and again and preached in a controlling fear based way did not resonate with me at all nor interest me to seek any further and seemed like a complete contradiction to Gods unconditional love message. This year however I was led to the bible through Jesus, and was blown away with the true message. The ones with eyes to see and ears to hear will hear. The way the Marley’s sing about Jahs love and true message is how I feel. The true message is love, so if the message or action is not of love then it is not of God. I have very different views than the average “Christian”. To be honest I don't see the need for a label, Jesus didn’t create “Christianity” (we did that) he created a movement: a revolution through love and a more pure way of being. So being Christian to me represents that I believe in Gods vision and guidance and receive the wisdom the bible shared through Jesus and other prophets teachings which strengthens my connection and love to God and my true self. I realised suddenly that is what had been guiding me all along. Whist I had rejected Jahs love on a personal level, I still listened to my inner guidance and feelings and connection with what I called Source. The more I was true to myself and learned to trust my “intuitive” feelings, the more at peace and at one I become. That revealing moment was truly humbling once I realised that my “intuition”; was my God Spark. That God Spark was my connection to God which if one flows with in love and trust, changes life in profound ways. We are born again in new understanding and refreshed spirit. My whole perception on so much changed, yet at the same time it was really like I had just found the missing link that suddenly made everything else I had learned and questioned; or had felt deep down inside but couldn't explain make sense. Flashes of all the clues and attempts to awaken me flashed through my head like a movie reel leaving me in awe and bursting with love and gratitude. I have started this page because I see Gods message of Love and Unity and his desire for me (and us all) to share this message with others. The message I receive is that with the growing consciousness and awareness throughout the ages, humanity will again finally understand and awaken. The true children of Christ and those that are of the light will hear and spread the true message to the world again once more. We all hold pieces of knowledge and must come together and express the message we receive through prophetic revelations with others to discuss our thoughts and feelings to see if it resonates within their hearts as true.” Where two or three gather in my name there I am also”. This blog is an expression and testimony of my own personal perceived messages from God, not only to reach out to other likeminded people seeking fellowship but to record this amazing journey for personal reflection, and hopefully help others awaken to God’s inspirational message along the way. Love and blessings to all, may we all grow in love.

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