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10:51 AM   [04 Nov 2015 | Wednesday]

Accepting The Unacceptable

 2 Corinthians 11:1-4

     We live in a world today where the idea of "political correctness' has taken hold and watered down virtually everything. It seems as though if you dont agree with or accept everything or every idea that anyone puts forward you are considered closed minded, hateful, and ignorant. not only are we encouraged to accept things, we are expected to like them or agree with them. This is not freedom.

     The Apostle Paul spoke here of his fear that if the Corinthian believers were presented with a new "gospel" that conflicted with the real Gospel they would accept it. Thus watering the true Gospel of Jesus Christ down. Mixing the real with the untrue would result in a false Gospel that was in error. Paul did not want them to accept ideas that were not the truth. Anything but the true Gospel was unacceptable.

     These days Christians are in danger of accepting the unacceptable as well. We are in danger of accepting thoughts and ideas that we know do not align with Scripture. We are in danger of accepting the unacceptable so that we ourselves may be acceptable to others. Once we start doing that we start slowly drifting away from God. Our beliefs become a mix of what God says and what the world says.Our lives must be built around the word of God. It is the only real truth out there, regardless of what others may think or believe.

     It is not hateful to disagree with someone who puts forth ideas that are not scriptural. It is not closed minded to stand on Gods holy word. The wisdom of man pales in comparison to the bible. Yet, many times we allow it to replace the truth. We accept the unacceptable ideas.

     Gods word will stand, no matter what. It is the only solid belief system. And when somene tries to force us to believe the way the world believes we are to stand on Gods word. Let them call you what they will. What really matters is what God calls you...His child.

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