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12:46 PM   [23 Mar 2015 | Monday]

Remember way back when we were the seed someone sowed?

Preparing the soil to Plant The seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop. Luke 8:15 Prior to planting, the soil needs to be prepared, usually by some form of tillage to kill the weeds in the seedbed that would crowd out the crop or compete with it for water and nutrients: Genesis 1:20 Godís tells us His word cleanses us and feeds us. Air is added through the tilling and is required for every living thing on this earth to survive. Rocks and clods are removed, the soil is softened, moistened and refined for the seed to be sown. In Isiah 28:24 God asks us ďDo we continue to plow and plow and plow? Then states: We plow for a reason . . . to plant, and to plant as God in His wisdom directs us. To me the soil represents our hearts and unsaved hearts. The soil of our hearts, of those who are saved, still needs to be continually tended, in order for us to be open and receptive to Godís training through His word. Allowing His Holy Spirit to sharpen the skills He gave us. As mature Christians, the soil (our hearts) still needs to be tending; tilled, weeds pulled, watered (cleansed) and nourished, by Godís Word which gives us the continual nutrients we need to stay healthy and continue in our growth and the growth of others. Matthew 13 Sometimes another Christian helps us if we (new or mature Christians) are faltering, as we will others who falter in Godís kingdom. A farmer who has tilled his field and sown and nourished it, once harvested, does not leave the field and expect it to grow again another season, on its own. Thorns and thistles will take over, preparation of the field may need much more work in order to grow the crop because the field was not kept up. This applies to our hearts and the hearts of the unsaved. Our work at hand is to stay nourished in Godís word, to help grow more seed that we will sow in proper soil conditions. What happens to the Rocky soil? Does God ignore it? My thought is that God knows and sees the beauty in the hard rock, Much like Michelo Angelo, who picked the stone he would carve into his masterpieces by the beauty he saw "inside" the stone. Many hearts are as hard as the stone that Michelo Angelo worked on to create his beautiful statues, which we still enjoy today, his legacy. God sees inside of the stone hearts in us, He sees the beauty that lies within. He slowly chips away at the hard hearts till it becomes like the master pieces Michelo Angelo created. God is the Master creator. As the rock is chipped away, it becomes smaller and smaller, rains come, erosion and eventually that rock becomes dirt, soil . . . Some sooner than others, some not in time. What about the seed that falls on hard ground and the birds pick it up and take it away? The soil of that ground with work can also be amended. The seeds were sown but the heart of that person was dry and hard. Their heart did not allow any of the seed to take root, so the birds ate seed (Godís word lay on the ground), unaccepted by the dry hard heart. ďDo not give that which is holy to the dogs, nor cast your pearls before the swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn around and tear you in pieces Matthew 7:6 until this soil is prepared and tended it cannot be used. Choose the soil in which you sow according to Godís direction or we will be throwing the PRICELESS PEARLS of His wisdom to ground that is not yet prepared to receive. In the parable of the sower, all of Godís word did not go to waste, it fed the birds of the field and some seeds were then deposited by the birds into fertile soil. With the direction of the Holy Spirit we will know which fields are ready to sow and which are not. It may not be the specific job God has given us to till the soil, or sow the seed, or water the seed. It may be different jobs at different times, itís up to God. Listen to His Holy Spirit. We may never see the fruition of the work God gave us. But we were a part of the vital task God has given us as Christians. OUR TASK and Godís Command.
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