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Gods Miracles

This is an old testimony before I was saved and what happened after in the year 1976 I bought a new Motorcycle we were riding on route 661 in Ohio when we came around a curve and I was going to fast and I went off in the gravel lost control went into the guard rail broke 3 poles off and knocked the wind out of me when I finally got my wind back I saw I was bleeding in my knees and elbows a pickup truck stopped and offered to help it turned out it was a church that was having summer Camp they took me to their camp with my motorcycle and cleaned me up I told them I would send them a check in the mail for how they treated me but I never did as the yrs went by I forgot all about it till I got saved than one nite after I had my stroke an angel of the Lord visited me with a sign that said 661 on it I started thinking and the angel said remember you promised and then it came to me it was the road I wrecked my bike on so I tried to find the church to give them some money but I couldn't find it so I donated a substantial amount to my church don't ever forget a promise to God because he don't forget
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