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10:55 AM   [12 Mar 2015 | Thursday]

Why man invented car ?

Why man invented car ?

Before you read this ,let me warn you I have nothing against car, I own one and am using it, I have nothing against anybody who uses car. Perhaps man invented car because he wanted an easier life than walking , or riding a horse or riding a camel.

First man invented the wheel, he processed sap from a rubber tree to make tires. This lead to study of vulcanizing and air compressors. Car needed engine so it lead to study of mechanical engineering, geology and metallurgical engineering, mining to build first the two cycle or four cycle engines. Car needed electricity to start it so it also led to electrical engineering, chemical engineering for making batteries. Batteries need charging so alternators were built. And head lights were also built and spark plug technology. Key technology were used too in starting a car. It also led to study of aerodynamics and advertising and art of selling cars.Man also processed and mined crude oil to produce gasoline and diesel for fuel.

Looks like we're doing good so far , sand or silica was also processed to form glass for windshield and windows. Manual and automatic transmission were built too to transmit power from the engine to the tires. Brakes were also built to stop the car. Car needed fluids for lubrication, cooling, etc. so it was incorporated.

By the way this also led to building of roads and bridges which necessitates civil engineering. This also led to driving school and traffic enforcer and used the court system. Accidents happen too that lead to insurances and lawyers to settle dispute.This made use of the paramedics, medical field too. Car registration were needed too. Parking areas became necessary too and garages.It also led to study of safety engineering.

Travelling led to road maps, freeways and GPS which uses sattelite technology. We also have radio, DVD, and television in our cars now.

Cars distribution came through shipment from one country to another which make use of ships, tarrifs and customs. By the way since car cost money it also led to financing through banks and of course we need jobs too to pay for the car and maintain them through repair shops or do it yourself which uses tool technology. Also used was computer technology to improve engine performance and diagnose engine problem. Smog testing devices too were employed to minimize  pollution.Plastics were used too and when cars became old that gave rise to junk technology and recycling.

Oh how we also love rush hours and traffic.

Cars are also inviting that sometimes people steal them and that leads car chases once in a while and patrolling by aircraft .This also led to the study of anti thief devices.

In conclusion, man have come a long way in inventing car and by inventing cars man helped create jobs. Now question was God simple or smart enough to create our feet, horses, and camels?


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