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2:04 AM   [22 Feb 2015 | Sunday]

Stop Arguing With God

A number of people have an internal argument with God that may not always be expressed orally; but, it is expressed nonetheless.  As we recall, as a person thinks in his heart so is he (see Proverbs 23:7).  Much of what people do is the result of what they believe.  An issue at heart is the contradictions we all have carried and in some cases, still do.

Disciples of Jesus Christ should be the ones who have the least amount of poor self-esteem. 

When you realize that you are loved by God the Father, acceptance issues should melt away.  Perhaps for some there is an argument brewing in your heart about that one.  Some believe they are incapable of rising up and doing great things.  They believe because they may have struggled with school or have done poorly in the past, they are inept.  Some believe they are stupid.  All of this flies in the face of God’s amazing grace which is a gift that enables us to do amazing things.  What about the Mind of Christ?  What about the renewing or renovating of the mind that the Word of God accomplishes?  There are more examples of arguments people have in any given areas of life.  Some might say, “I don’t like to argue.  I don’t want to argue, but I still do.  How do I stop?”

One of the ways to head off an argument is to know Who actually is right in the first place. 

Make a decision that God is right about everything.  Decide in your heart to believe what He says, which includes what He says about you.

Another important key is to stop listening to the wrong spirit. 

The spirit of the world always contradicts the Holy Spirit.  It counterfeits the truth in that what it says sounds good, but it always has an underlying theme that leads in the opposite direction.  Here’s a natural example to illustrate the point.  Have you ever had great respect for a person, but found yourself in doubt of him or her because of something someone else said?  The spirit of the world constantly whispers things that contradict the Word of God.  That means it is time to take a stand and cut off the sources it uses as amplifiers.  To whom or what do you listen?  Do you have any relationships that cripple yours with God?  Are there people in your life who consistently put you down or contradict God’s Word?  Sometimes, shutting off the TV, changing channels on the radio and eliminating certain media sources makes a big difference.  One in a while, we have to love certain people from a distance.  New friends can be amazing when it comes to attitude adjustments.  Ask the Lord what or who hinders you from being agreeable with Him.

Finally, renew your mind. 

Yep, we have all heard it before, get in the Word.  Read your Bible.  A lot!  Spend much time alone in the presence of God.  The things of darkness cannot withstand the Light.  “I don’t have much time to spend with the Lord,” some might say.  Well, you have time for what is important to you.  Do you argue about spending time with the One Who we are supposed to look forward to spending eternity with?

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