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12:16 PM   [13 Feb 2015 | Friday]

Dont Give Up on Your Dreams

Genesis 37

     Joseph had a deam. He had two in fact. And in these dreams his entire family would one day bow down to him. But shortly after that, his brothers attacked him and sold him into slavery. And from there he went to prison becuse of his masters wifs false accusations. Im sure there were many time during all of this that Joseph thought about those dreams and maybe felt hopeless. Maybe he felt that well, there is no way those dreams are going to happen now. But as we know they did happen. Even though it looked like the dreams that God had given Joseph would never be fulfilled, they were. His dreams looked crushed, but they werent.

     What about you ? Has God given you a dream, or a goal ? Does it look like your dream maybe is crushed ? Dont dispair. If your dream or goal is truly from god He will bring it to pass, no matter what it may look like now. Josephs dreams looked crushed as well, but in time God accomplished what He had planned.

     God is under no obligation to help you fulfill the dreams that you have for your life that were made apart from Him. Though He may do just that out of His great love for you. But the goals and dreams that have came from Him, that are a part of his plan for your life, never give up on them. Just as suredly as God accomplished His will for Joseph he will do it for you. Joseph is no better or more important for you. Gods plan for your life is every bit as important as the plan He had for Joseph.

     Do you have a dream or goal that came from God ? Dont give up. Joseph saw thirteen years of slavery and imprisonment before his dreams came true, but they did come true in Gods timing. Continue to obey and trust God. Dont give up or let go of the dreams and goals that come from God. Imagine what would have happened had Joseph gave up. He would have missed out on all that God had planned for him. Persevere, have faith, trust Him, and look for Him to accomplish the dreams that He has given you.

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