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The journey of finding God’s plan for a life can be very exhaustive.  You can here many sermons about this plan.  You can read about finding His plan for your life.  You can search and search and never get on the right train.  What is God’s plan for your life?


God in His infinite wisdom has a plan for each person that is found in Christ Jesus.  This is a true statement yet it can be misleading.  Does God have just one plan or are the others?  Not to be too confusing my opinion is you can get of the track of His plan and take alternate routes that are just as pleasing to God.


Paul tells us that we are called to work within the gifts and talents that God has provided us.  So the first step in following God’s plan is to find your gifts and talents.  We are told that we are all (those who believe) part of the body of Christ, the church and must function within the church in a satisfactory manner.  So what are your gifts and talents?


When finding Christ and becoming a believer and thus part of the body of Christ, the church I had no idea of what God expected of me.  I was happy to have Jesus in my life knowing now I would go to heaven and be freed from sin and death.  These items had no real meaning to me other than an assurance that they were true.  Still I didn’t know of such a plane that God had for me.  I was still a sinner though my life style was changing.  Someone told me that God had a plan for my new life.  What plan was that?  How was I to find this plan?  I was confused yet happy about being just a Christian.  Many of us believers fall into the category of just being believers and part of the body of Christ.  This can give you a good life, having the joy; freedom and comfort in knowing you will live forever with God someday.  But, Jesus promises an abundant life.  How do we get on the train that leads to this abundant life?


It wasn’t until I found that the Holy Spirit lived within me and would be my guide to living the Christian life that I was now waiting on the platform about to catch the train of life, following God’s plan.  We all don’t get some verbal or unconscious call from God.  We must seek until we find the right train. 


When I was a young believer I received the call of God to work with young people in our church.  I didn’t hear a verbal voice telling me this was the beginning of my journey?  No, an older lady in the church told me she felt God would have me do this ministry.  The feeling of this being a good thing fell upon me but I still didn’t know this would be God’s plan for me.  Other believers can be those God chooses to use to place you in the right direction of His plan for you.  So God uses people to move you onto that train.


As I grew in the Lord and started a regular Bible study new thoughts came to me.  After 12 years of youth work I began to have feelings that God wanted more of me.  This was just a feeling within my mind, nothing verbal.  I was reading my Bible where Paul said some were called to be pastors.  That verse stuck in my head and began to bother me.  Was God calling me to be a shepherd of His flock?  I fought that notion for about one year and finally told my wife.  She knew the answer before I did.  So, again people and now the Bible was moving me along the path on my journey.  After some education I became a pastor for around 20 years.  I was on the path of God’s plan for my life and there was no doubt about what path to take.


This may or may not help you find your path or train to get on so maybe this might help.  My secret to finding God’s plan is simple.  First you must read your Bible to find answers to life’s questions.  Then you should listen to people who might give you sound advice.  Last you must pray.  God answers prayer.  You want to know how to get on the right train?  Ask God to give you the answer.


The last part of this message may find you thinking I am a little weird.  A long while back while reading the Holy Spirit was in me I had an epiphany about this whole subject.  Praying I told the Holy Spirit I was just a simple man and needed something tangible about Him being in me.  Getting my answer by feelings that began to surround me I was convinced He was in me.  Now when I need an answer I ask the Holy Spirit to guide me toward what God wants.  “Ask and He will answer.”  It is within God’s will that you find your train so just ask.  Answers come in many ways.  Some will come through people, some by your Bible study and some will be by feelings or yes, even audible.  Ask for help from the Holy Spirit that is in you.



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