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12:09 PM   [14 Jan 2015 | Wednesday]

Jesus is knocking at the door, let Him come in

Someone’s knocking at the door. But I’m not expecting anyone, wonder who it might be? Hope it’s not one of those pesky salesmen, they’re soooo hard to get rid of! They’ll be destroying my day, I have a million things to get done! Pleeeeeze God, don’t let it be one of those pesky salesmen! I open the door, Ooooh, my gosh! I can’t believe who I am seeing, it couldn’t be, I’m being punked! It’s Jesus! No, it’s not Him, it’s someone playing some kind of prank on me, it couldn’t be God’s Son, come to visit ME! Yes, I think it’s Him! I didn’t bother to welcome Him into my home – I was too shocked to see Jesus at MY house of all places. I asked, “Jesus what are you doing here? I’m already a Christian, I already believe in you and the Father.” He waited a moment, standing on my porch . . . my not yet welcoming Him into my home. Revelation 3:20English Standard Version (ESV)20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat (Spiritual food) with him, and he with me (He will teach us and direct us). I hear Him speaking to me: “I have a lot of work that needs completing, I need your help.” “Well, of course Lord, what would you like me to do (while still keeping Him at bay and not asking Him in)?” “There are many jobs that need doing, in order to bring as many into the fold as we, can before I come again.” Hesitantly, I asked “well . . . just tell me and I will see what I can do” Thinking, how in the world I will fit this into my schedule. Doesn’t He know how busy I am? “I have given you special gifts that need using He said, if you haven’t found those gifts, you need only look. Then volunteer those gifts to grow my Father’s flock.” “How Lord” I replied. Teach a Sunday school class or Vacation Bible School, He replied: “But lord, my kids are grown up and I really don’t enjoy being around small children anymore . . . except occasionally my grandchildren.” Teach an adult Bible Study of my Word and help feed my flock: “But Lord, it takes up so much time to study and surely another would have the extra time to squeeze it in. I do my daily reading of your word, Lord and I pray every day and go to church almost every Sunday, isn’t that enough Lord?” Do fundraising for the Church and Missions to further the growth of my Father’s flock: “Lord I did so much of that when I was younger, I am really burnt out! Besides, I’m retired now.” Did you also retire from Me and my Father’s work, Jesus asked me? Your work is not done until you breathe your last breath. You are here for a reason, to follow me and bring others to follow. My Father will give you the energy and strength you need in order to follow out the plans He has given you. He will not ask of you more than you can give . . . but He is asking you to help grow the flock. Then Jesus offered: Help the sick, visit the elderly, counsel the needy in Spirit and at heart, there is so much that needs doing before I come again. “Has your zeal and love for Me become bland? Are you lukewarm to Me and the Church? Why do you even ask me what I would like you to do?” “Errr, well Lord, as I mentioned before have retired . . . now I’d like to do some things that I have always planned on doing. And Lord, none of the things you mentioned are really great things, like healing people, being a prophet and all those other things. You could give me those gifts. I don’t know what gifts you gave me, none of them are not a worth wile as the ones you mentioned, so I don’t look. I want people to look at me and see what I have done and you of course Lord (after thinking, I need to be more humble and include Him). None of the projects you mentioned to me before included those gifts. None seem as important as the ones I mentioned. I’m tired Lord, let someone else take my place and do what you asked of me.” Jesus, slowly turned and walked away, I closed the door, realizing that I had not asked Him to come in, oh well the house was a little messy anyway. Then, shamefully I realized I had looked in the face of Jesus and told Him NO! He had died on the cross for me, and I told Him no. I did not hear Him, I did not respond to his requests of me, I told Him no. I refused His invitation to choose to dine with Him and desire Him to dine with me. I didn’t even invite Him into my house. I refused to fill myself with the Spiritual food of His word. Context. The context of Revelation 3:20 is it’s a portion of one of the seven letters to seven churches in Asia Minor. Jesus spoke to specific issues within each of the seven churches. Revelation 3:20 is addressed to the church at Laodicea. Laodicea had issues. Jesus called their zeal for him “lukewarm.” Their love for him was bland to such a degree that it made him want to vomit (vv. 15-16)! It’s not cool when God essentially says, “You make me sick to my stomach.” Not only that, but he called them “wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked” (v. 18). What had happened at the church at Laodicea is it had become spiritually apathetic and lazy. Their listlessness had blinded them to their need of Jesus, and to the needs of others around them. In essence, they had shut the world out and become their own little island. They had become self-reliant to the extent that Jesus was no longer needed. This sounds like many churches today, doesn’t it? Commentary portions from: The Rural Reformation – Thoughts, Musings and Insights on Church, Culture and Life.
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