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12:21 PM   [09 Jan 2015 | Friday]

Galatians 5:22-23 New International Version (NIV) Page 2

What will ultimately happen to the sick tree? We all know – It will be cut down and burned to clear the orchard and make room for another tree that will become strong with the care of the Orchard manager (God). God did not cut or burn down this sick tree, He loves us all and wants us all to be in His fold (John 3:16). What happened to this sick tree was a natural consequence to its decisions (our decisions). We can accept God and His Holy Spirit and grow and accept His pruning and testing or we can go our own way and still as Christians go by the way side and not share the Fruits of the Holy Spirit only to have to answer to God at a later date. Many of us know the names of the fruits of the Spirit. Many more do not exhibit them and because of this God’s light does not shine through us. They choose to stay victims to this world, slaves. Staying a victim seems to give them something that they feel God cannot (but then they are just guessing, not having allowed God to show them otherwise) Being a victim is a state of mind. Sometimes we are victimized by illnesses, robbery, rape, beatings or one of the many other ways that can make us temporary victims. Still, we make the choice as to whether we choose to stay in that state of mind or leave it for Gods. If we feel we have been victims – ask ourselves from what? Then, Why do we want to keep it and stay in that state? I was in that position once actually a lot of times as many of you who have read this blog from the beginning know. When I asked myself those questions truthfully, I came up with: I liked the attention, the sympathy, and people helping me or trying to help me out of it. I liked the illness it brought me. The depression, again extra sympathy from others, it even brought me other illnesses. Why? Because my resistance was down and my anger at God was up. I was not accepting the healing power of the Holy Spirit. There were many other things that I was getting from staying in my victimization mode that took me many years to recognize and admit helping me climb out of a dark hold. Where my “LIGHT” was hidden well. I was no use to God then, but through all that God taught me so many “Good” lessons that His Spirit uses in me now. He took all the horrible things that happened to me and turned them around to use them for the good. Did He want all of my past to happen to me? My answer is no. He was not punishing me, He didn’t like what people were doing to me and He did not plan it, though He knew it would happen. The sin of the world is what caused it all. My decision had to be whether or not I would live my life like that and someday have to present myself and actions before God. My decision was to allow God to prune me, remove the weeds around me and the stones in front of my path. To allow Him to help me gain my strength and grow it, through His word and His Holy Spirit. None of the things I was holding onto that I wanted to keep being a victim for was worth keeping. I am happy for my decision to allow God to heal me in His orchard because all that He has given me back. The world which I was so afraid to leave because it seemed comfortable to me, (even as a Christian) could never match. My past fears are gone, I feel light and free, not trapped in God’s word, but freed through His word. I had been deceived and trapped in the world and its sins, but freed by Jesus!
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