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12:48 PM   [01 Jan 2015 | Thursday]

GOD does not want to Judge us

 GOD does not want to be our Judge!

When we receive Christ’s work of Eternal Salvation by asking AND receiving forgiveness of sins, (our sin nature and our sinful behavior), they are removed from us and forgotten by the washing of Jesus’ Blood. That leaves nothing for GOD our Heavenly Father to judge. He just loves us as we are and begins the process to restore us to His plan and purpose for our life.

As a Christian we go through trials and tests based on the sin nature of mankind and as a result of our past and current behavior. Our Heavenly Father uses these to show us our strengths and weaknesses.

Our past affects our present and our future therefore our present affects our future also. All of the good and bad things in our life are the result of what we believed and did, as well as what others did to us. GOD wants to use the gifts He’s given us, but to be used and Blessed by GOD we must give our lives to Him fully and completely! We must have faith in Him and receive His Love and Grace

Many believe they do not deserve what has happened to themselves and others because they are ‘good people’, kind, generous, happy, etc. The truth is that good (blessings) and bad (evil) happen to everyone – no matter how they live life. The reality is that the spiritual is eternal and superior to the natural which is not eternal. It does not matter how good or bad we are in the natural life if we do not receive GOD’s eternal gift of Salvation which comes only through Christ’s Life, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension to Heaven. Jesus is the only Way, Truth, and Life Eternal!

I lived my first 22 years as a sinner who believed there was a GOD but did not know Him or anything about Him. After I became a Christian (Born Again) on my 23rd birthday I lived the next 25 years serving GOD how I wanted which was not always how He wanted me to live my life. Because of my spiritual weakness and the power of sin in my life I was hurt by my wife (due to my own behavior) and the church so I blamed GOD and went into rebellion for the next 17 years. When I was 60 I started on the straight and narrow path of repentance, forgiveness, and submission. It’s not always easy, the longer we allow sin (the natural man) to rule our life the harder it is to change. Especially when we are coming out of a time of backsliding, (backsliding = if you are not moving forward in the Kingdom of GOD you are slipping back into the kingdom of sin. The natural realm of sin is the kingdom of satan, the originator of sin).

When we are born again our spirit is released from the sinful nature of our soul. GOD gives us a new heart and a renewed mind (deliverance from the authority and power of sin). As our spirit is now in fellowship and relationship with The Holy Spirit if we cling to any form of the natural man (sin nature) we will not grow in the knowledge and gifts of GOD and sin will overtake our life until we get a revelation of our need to truly repent and submit our life to The Holy Spirit. We do not receive the same blessings of a new heart and renewed mind, but we must start exercising the authority and power Christ has given us over the authority and power we have given sin in our life. This is not the original supernatural deliverance and healing of our being born again, but the working out of our salvation daily.

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