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Bible Read Through Day 1

 Today we read through the first chapters of Genesis, Matthew, Ezra, and Acts. 

Scripture Genesis 1:5b

Observation: Although I understand that this is a very contraversial subject, and I am not attempting to continue this contraversy at this time, it seems to me that this verse, and the rest of the chapter, make it clear that God created all that exists in six literal days. With each creative act we read that,"there was evening and there was morning." To me this it is clear that these actions took place within the confines of one day each. I know that there are many people who are better educated on this subject than I am. I am also willing to be wrong on this subject. My position can be changed if I am given compelling evidence to do so. I am also in no way questioning the faith or "Christianity" of those who adhere to an "old" world view. But it seems to me that the only evidence that contradicts a six day creation is that given by the secular scientific community. We are tiold that it is impossible for all that exists to have been formed in six days, given the complexity and scope of creation. There is little bilblical support for an ancient and long term creative process, in my opinion. So for me to adhere to this concept I must first be willing to compromise what I see as a clear teaching of scripture. Again, I am not attempting to elevate the young earth model over the old earth model. I understand that there is evidence to to support either one and that there are devout believers on both sides of the debate. Instead, I am attempting to make a point about personal compromise and biblical understanding. If I believe that the Bible affirms the "young Earth" position and I then am willing to compromise this truth in order to make the Bible more acceptable to other people, or even myself for that matter, I have done the Word of God and myself a disservice. As I read this passage I asked myself how many times in my life have I adjusted or tweeked the clear teaching of scripture in order to make it more palatable to other people, or myself. How often have I misrepresented God in order to make Him more acceptable to the world? Or. How often do I change what I know to be His truth, so that I am acceptable in Christian circles? Or, even worse. How many times have I attempted to change God in order to make Him more acceptable to myself? I don't like the answers to these questions. There is nothing wrong with being willing to change ones position on a debatable subject, if given compelling evidence to do so. For me this does include the Creation vs. Astro-physics debate. If I am given compelling, biblically sound reason to accept the concept of an old earth, then I am duty bound to do so. However, if I am willing to change my position because it is not popular, then I am compromising truth in order to make God and His Word acceptable. And this is wrong. 

Application: I will always be open to change. If I am incorrect on a biblical subject and someone shows me that I am, I will be willing to change my position. At the same time I will make sure of my motivation. If it is to be more accepted by people, or to attempt to make God so, I will stand firm in my convictions. I will also do my best, with God's help, to know Him and His truth according to the Bible. And having done so present this truth to world, and myself, in love and compassion.

Prayer: Father in heaven teach me your truths. Lead me as I seek you in your Word and help me to apply what you have revealed to me in my life. Lord, help me to remain humble enough to know that I am often wrong and also resolute to stand firmly for what I know is right. 


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