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12:42 PM   [30 Nov 2014 | Sunday]

When Endurance Meets Miracle

 Just about ready, minor adjustment, okay, contact, "OK FOR CONTACT!"

"Clear!" Shouts the pilot inside of a shoddy re-fab, field-assembled plane wanting one more flight. That is if only for a hesitant engine. An extremely remote plot in the middle of the desert from a forced sand-storm landing. Stranded and supplies exhausted, a party of seven survivors of the original boarding, clings desperately to hope for the last working engine to resume operation from one of the last seven starting cartridges. Some of us remember the scene from the movie Flight of the Phoenix from the 60s. But the engine fails to start.

Dialog on the ground:

"What's wrong?" says the Christian.

American traveler councils; "There ain't nothin wrong with that engine!, , Maybe he ain't giving it enough juice."

Christian remains skeptical; "He should know, doesn't he?"

European traveler implores; "He DOES know!"

But we remember how Jimmy Stewart sacrifices one of the last three cartridges to clear the motor to prepare for starting, enrages the authority (on the ground with the others) of the whole project and commits un-official mutiny. While stubbornly acting on his instincts, with the next cartridge, he soon finds the approval of all when the motor finally fires.

Now I most certainly wouldn't be one to deny the fact that the Lord's mercy isn't in so many places and instances. Conversely, I wouldn't need any help convincing anyone, in any walk of life that certain struggles plague all indiscriminately though the term struggle carries differing connotations for some than others. Those willing to set the standard will begin to dwindle when faced with the prospect of trying to grasp the level of discomfort an individual may be experiencing by the Lord's correcting hand of inner diluted wrath upon one's soul.

These can be struggles that sometimes force man to take drastic measures, radical measures, dangerous measures to try to rectify or remedy or take revenge. But let's consider a more acceptable remedy, and one that would by nature only cause to choose as God designed us.

Another Scenario: Two parties across the street from each other.

A shout from one pierces the air from the group of five young men; "Het brutha!, , How do you overcome temptation?"

Riddled by the awkward request, the other party of one ushers out a weak reply, thinking to himself; "Gee, do I appear as one to be asked? This rough week must be taking its toll on me". Quite possible, and the party of one was myself as it happened. But it doesn't matter if it is a party of one or five or seven thousand caught in a mass-web of error, we all shall give account to God for our own selves and the actions we take.

So, where does that leave one whose functionality as a Christian is in the balance, even to the point of personal disaster? With God, we have no surer footing, for "nothing" will separate us from His love. But this isn't necessary to prove, nor does God require it short of suffering persecution for Him. As His purpose is to seek and to save men's lives as well as show us His purpose for us.

But is there a way to commit mutiny against all of life's entanglements, moreover, a way to do so with contentment just to help us get there? My goodness yes! All the way into clear sailing, even in troubled times Mate!!

It's the same trusted course used for centuries that presents us as truly drawing near to the Father. Even after a nasty fall, or hellish episode that is slow or hard to forget.

Endurance meets or fails the miracle depending on our concluding resolve of whether or not its worth it or not (unbelief). But if this thought itself is especially tender for you, I pray He gives you heart to withstand with just enough strength till you are upheld.

Success then depends on our not suspending the promise by giving up:

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. (James 4:8)

1. Jesus knows how we can halt the whole show, but is ready to help some willingness (Heb 4:15)

2. Jesus knows how weak we are, but said He'll make a way in the desert, please make this one effort (James 5:16)

3. Jesus knows how strapped for time you get, but things begin to take shape if we try.

Begin the day with Him plain out of sight and include:

    A. Thanksgiving

    B. Praise


    A. Gov't

    B. Church

    C. Employment

    D. You & Family, Friends, All Contrary Assoc. wealth and health and things accompanying salvation

Among the millions of Christians out there who are aware of these things, also may be aware that a trend within the body of believers exists but wish to make light of something that is a bit of a distraction, esp. to those who struggle deeply. This contentious spirit of division is an informal sect that we operate under. Those who contend for its presence might find it cumbersome to wield the truth effectively without being reminded of this resignation. While they are aware of the truths of drawing near to God, the difficulties associated with it may or may not be skilled enough at avoiding problems. Still, such should still receive our support and prayer.

Attention to these seems to be misplaced when trying to correct one’s own faults. But those things connected to mutual Christian posture to all the brethren and recognizing them in the best of conscience is the purest start in my thinking towards our personal and daily prayer altar. For if there exist, a harboring remark in my heart against my brother that de-prioritizes the unity of the Spirit, and anything that keeps my nurturing and loving actions from the unity of the body of Christ, I would rather not be exercised in this one thing that is all too common, and exert whatever it takes to cast it away.

But when did this task become so difficult or unpleasant? I assure you, while it may have been unpleasant before any such articles were drawn upon and used to divided with, who is he that can ignore the lack of progress this has sustained? No, this behemoth denial reaches to the infirm of mind, those without and the young. The continued sterilization this unseen sect seeks to protect has the capacity to nauseate.

But in recognition for the one who truly seeks council to change his present course of struggle in a sea of instructors (my own included), that forgotten installation, that bonding pillar of the Church, let the young know; God honored unity is constantly being re-prioritized. A few attempts have fared well at alleviating this denom revelry. Will the Church begin to elevate that other area division our culture is soo driven to ignore, that division over members who lack prominence for fear over their own lack of attendance?

If it possible therefore to pull together some form of good conscience of mind through this, where does such recognition of effort meet with a God who draws near? Simple, it happens! That is it. After we make good to draw near with all we are that He is already aware of, yep - He makes good too.

  • Have I seen it for myself? Yes, or I wouldn't be able to say anything.
  • Does it come in full power to help you or just to help you along a little? Both.

All to fulfill what is written; you reap what you sow, be that scarce or plenty.

God bless and guide you.

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