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            Christmas is a special time of the year.  Neighborhoods are lighted with displays representing this special time.  Families seem to get a little closer and expectations run rampant.

            Every year it seems places of business start they’re advertizing earlier, some even before Thanksgiving.  Christmas has become a commercial extravaganza.  What has happened to Christmas?

            Christmas is supposed to be a celebration of the birth of Christ.  Others have a different perspective about the holiday.  Because of political correctness and the forward movement of secularism some cannot express the real meaning of Christmas.  No nativity scenes or plays in school.  No public displays that have anything to do with religion.  Christmas is a moneymaking and money-spending season with memories of Jesus left to only a few.

            Even many Christians have minimized the occasion.  Many of our churches have eliminated a candlelight service from the schedule.  Christmas cantatas’ are few and the reading of the birth of Christ is not read in our homes on Christmas Eve.

            We are becoming a pagan nation filled with secular propaganda.  Religious thinking is slowly falling by the wayside yet Christ still lives and we who believe seek His presence.  Can we put Christ back into Christmas?

            The birth of Christ and our savior should be foremost on our minds.  What would our world be like without Jesus?  We who believe make the Christmas season a time to remember.  Remembering Jesus and a heavenly Father that loves the world, (John 3:16).  Remembering the gift that God gave for our salvation, (Ephesians 2:8).  Remembering the sacrifice made to forgive sin and give eternal life.  God is with us who believe in His Son always and will never leave us.  These are a few of the things Christmas is about.

            Christmas is about Jesus and His miraculous birth.  Christmas is about the one who gives life.  Christmas is about the angels singing halleluiah and us rejoicing in praise. 

            While we enter into this Christmas season we can think of Jesus and a heavenly Father that loves us.  As we give gifts we can remember the gift that God gives to each one.  We can share this love with others who are in despair.  We can give the gift of love to one poor soul.  Our Christmas can be special if we remember what Christmas is all about.


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