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12:15 PM   [03 Nov 2014 | Monday]

Impatience is a part of pride, pride is the need of power, that builds walls up with our intamancy with God.

God showed me more of the nature of this person - and to continue to pray for them. They needed and wanted power. They were overbearing to those they felt a danger from. Any that might see into their heart more, not just the surface. God showed me that this person was learning these things about themselves, and that this person was displaying the attributes of a bully to some, in order to push them away from themselves. Trying to cover up their true self. But you can't hide from God, He will continually work with us and help us grow. Truthfully I had been tempted to stay away from this person many times, except for God's encouragement not to. Lessons continue, God's treasures in His wisdom continue to be found.intimacy This person, has said things to me such as, "people should not challenge them and how much they know about the scripture. They had taken courses and used to have a library that would cover a wall at what they had read about the Bible and commentaries." In other words don't challenge them or their authority of knowledge about God! That I could never know as much. I said, "In many areas I am sure they knew more than I. But in many areas I knew more than them. God has taught us all in different ways as we are able to learn and in the ways we can learn." My comment was not taken in the spirit it was given. I could see they were trying to prove their superiority, to me and put me down. This person often says that they lack patience, I am not sure they lack patience as much as it is that their pride interferes with their patience. In all of this God taught me many things - this person has and will be an example to me of my ungodly traits. God will show me as we go. He also showed me what (a very important lesson) "To turn the other cheek" means." Doing that is humbling and loving. It means to forgive that person of their sin as He forgives ours. Not to carry it, not to hold it within us. If and when that person offends us again, "Turn the other cheek," humble myself, love them, forgive them their sin as God would and pray that they will allow the wall between them and God to come down. I have seen the crack in their wall and I know that the cleansing water of the Holy Spirit will continue to work to make the crack larger until it becomes so big that the wall cannot stand anymore, crumbles and falls and this person (who is a Godly person) will be cleansed and healed by God and His Holy Sprit. In the meantime, I thank God that He deems me close enough and dedicated enough to Him that I am a part of this persons growth and healing for this time. That is why this person gets enraged by me, God is in me and God is showing this person the sins in their life which makes them feel very vulnerable. They are fighting for their power, a power that belongs only to God, a Power that God will not share.
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mari | Mon Nov 03, 2014, 18:11

 Hi, i sometimes had chance to read some post, but just suggesting the long wall of text might deter others reading the long paragraph. Just maybe it could be cut in 2 or 3, depending on you. tnx

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