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I have always considered myself to be a Christian, but until recently, I never really understood what being a Christian meant. As a child, I attended Sunday school. I remember getting homework that had to be done by the next Sunday. As we got older, we were allowed to go to the “big church” with mom and dad, and as embarrassing as this may seem, big church to me was not as fun as Sunday school.

 For a long time as kids, Church meant putting on our best clothes, sitting for an hour or so listening to a Pastor deliver a message about God, then it was home to a nice home cooked meal. I think the messages were forgotten before we even got home.  My mom would read us a Bible story every night before we went to bed, and every night we would say a little prayer. That was the extent of my knowledge of worship. As a teenager, Church was the furthest thing from my mind. I think I must have been absent from church for 10 years, if not longer. But in my mind, I was still Christian. I read my Bible and prayed occasionally.

 It wasn’t until recently, last year actually, that I started going to church again. I didn’t know what to expect. What I experienced at that first service took my breath away. I felt a presence that I had never felt before, I was crying while singing, and I couldn’t stop smiling. That was the day I started to understand what church, worship and being a Christian was all about. And from that day, Sunday’s became the day I looked forward to the most.

Worshiping God is so much more than going to church, making your offering and reading your bible. It is about honouring, praising and pleasing God. About showing loyalty to God by humbling our souls and giving Him thanks for freeing us from the burdens of our sins. God wants us to worship him “in spirit and in truth”. By truly worshiping God, we acknowledge Him, and put Him first in our lives. True worship comes from the heart, from making a change in the way we live our lives.

 As we walk in worship, we walk in fellowship. The way we live our lives as Christians is not about the self. It is about giving our all for God and God lives for His people. We as Christians are encouraged to do the same thing. We need to surround ourselves with others and continually uplift ourselves in them and uplift them.  Fellowship is concerned with the heart and we learn that through reading God’s word.  It needs to be felt, expressed and it is something to be a part of.  As believers in Jesus Christ, it is a way of life to want to be in each other's company. As believers we need to share things together and support each other - both physically and spiritually. If someone in fellowship is hurting, we share in that burden. 

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