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Age: 74 Years

Country: United States

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12:15 PM   [19 Sep 2014 | Friday]

God shared His Brillance

The Dialysis Was going ok, then I started having reactions after and sometimes during the treatment. It happened pretty quick. So they put me down to twice a day and the next day they changed it to once a day. After tests my Nephrologist took me off the dialysis altogether. He told me that my kidney function was at 30%. He was not going to let me leave the Hospital for the residential care facility until he found out the cause of my total Kidney failure because if he did not know the correct cause it could happen to me again and I would die the next time. He kept testing, everyday, blood and urine. He kept testing my kidney function as well, s he wanted it to go up more. Kidney function over 60 percent is good, but anything under that means you have kidney and need continual treatment. I was still healing, the doctors still amazed at my progress. They felt I would have to be on a special diet, but would not need Dialysis anymore s long as my function rates stayed at 30%. I stared PT, I could not stand laying in that hospital bed so much of the day - I was always a very active person. So the nurses sent me to PT. But they were not doing what I needed them to help me with. Somehow inside I just knew what my body was asking for. So I tried to evade going. At first I would walk around the hall in my wheel chair, after awhile I was up rolling the wheel chair, it was available if I wanted to sit down. Next I progressed to a walker after awhile it hot in the way and I was going faster than the walker. So I stopped using it in the room. But had to down the hall or the nurses would catch me without it. But finally I told them that if they did not want me to fall I needed to get rid of the walker as I had almost fallen over it twice because it did not go as fast as I did! So they progressed me to a cane. As you might guess, that didn't last long either, but I kept it close to the floor so they thought I was using it. They started joking with me and calling me Ms. Speedy and Ms.Independent. Because they would see me zoom by them at the desk, and say there she goes again. However I was still not allowed to get out of bed by myself for the bathroom and had to call every time for a nurse to assist. But the only assistance I needed was to get out of bed, because they had the sides up and an alarm on me. They told me this was because I had "coded" three times. I thanked God constantly for my miraculous progress. I thanked Him and told the nurses and the Doctors that He was the reason I was healing so quickly and not dying like they had predicted. One day, I was asleep and one of the nurses came in to check on me, and I could her say "Oh! your glowing!" That woke me up and I she said it again, "I said thank you, I am feeling much better." She told me, "NO! You are glowing!" She stood by the door to my room and each nurse that walked by she stopped and pointed to me. They all said in amazement "your glowing!" Look! I tried to look straight down my body (I was laying on my back) but for some reason I could not, I guess it was the way the pillow was situated. So I turned my head and looked down the side of me on the bed and I was Glowing! It was a silvery color, the glow seemed pretty long, the top part was silver and towards my body the color slowly because golden. My response. "I AM glowing." I laid my head back down on he pillow and smiled inside. One of God's treasures. The nurses had witnessed a miracle. I praised God, that I also had and that I knew He was reminding me that He was with me and healing me. I slept well and contented.
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