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How to Get an Aviation Security Identification Card

 Aviation Security Identification Cards also known as ASICs) is an Australian identification card that shows are used to identify an individual who has already been through security and background check. The Aviation Security Identification Card helps the individual to gain access unescorted to the secure areas or areas where security controlled airports have regular public transport services (RPT). The ASICs are good for up to two years. The airport security identity card satisfies that only people who have been through an extensive background check can access through very secure areas. It also has a focus of reducing the risks of any unlawful aviation interruptions including terrorism. The people who need an airport security identification card (ASICs) are those who have checked with their supervisor and have an operational need for it. The people who are considered to have that need are: People who require regular access need to display their Aviation security identification card to all or part of the secure areas of the airport.

These are people, who are demanded to operate aircraft, airline, or their occupation requires them to have access to that part or all parts of the airport. People who have business related to accessing the airport, and aircraft are couriers or suppliers. Baggage handlers, security guards and passenger screening officers need to have an ASIC card too as they access critical private areas of the airport and aircraft. Any visitors who need to gain access to the land-side security zones or the air-side area need to wear a visitor information card (VIC) and they need to be overseen by a person who already has a current ASIC. More on x-ray cargo scanner.The way they can apply for an Airport security identity card is through an ASIC issuing body. The Australian government currently has a list of the ASIC bodies issuing the identification card. The application process involves the ASIC body confirming and approving of the applicant's identity. A background check completed by AusCheck which is a unit of the Attorney Generals Department and if needed the applicant would need to be confirmed they are not an unlawful non-citizen. The ASIC does vary in cost so the applicants will need to contact the issuing body for their prices. What's involved in a background check for an ASIC is the AusCheck department headed up by the Attorney Generals Department who are responsible for running background checks of the airport security scanner and people who are involved in the process of issuing them.

The ASICs background checking process involves a criminal record check completed by CrimTrac. A security assessment is done by the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) and if needed an unlawful non-citizen check which is lead by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). Doing all of the background check assessments do take some time to be completed as they check through airport security scanners with a fine tooth comb. So if an individual wants to obtain an ASIC , they should apply as soon as humanly possible. If it turns out the ASIC applicant has a criminal record, then it comes down to the crimes the person committed and there is a possibility they will not be able to obtain an ASIC. Keep in mind that a person with an inauspicious criminal record will not be eligible to receive an ASIC. An adverse criminal record is someone who has been convicted of an aviation-security relevant offense and was sentenced to prison. The ASIC holder has the obligation to return the card within one month to the issuing body after it expires, has been canceled, has been damaged, altered, or defaced or no longer has an operational need to enter into a secure area.

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