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  Religion & Philosophy

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8:04 AM   [15 Sep 2014 | Monday]


Matthew 12:36King James Version (KJV) 36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. The words of JESUS. In essence telling us to be careful of what we say because we will have to answer for each word in the day of judgment. My beautiful wife and I are ardent supporters of animals. We serve as a foster home for abused and unwanted animals. Earlier in 2014 someone dropped off a large pot bellied pig a our house. Now we did our best to care for the piggy much to the anger of our neighbors. The sheriff showed up at the door and I did my best along with the officers to round up the pig. When animal control showed up the pig was standing beside me in the front yard of the house. The animal control officer went to put a noose around the pigs head and she took of running. I along with the officers spent more time tying to corral the pig with no success. I was walking the animal control officer back to his truck when my 16 year old stepdaughter yelled some very unkind and unthinking words at the officer from inside the house. Although had the situation worked out the officer immediately wrote me a ticket for having loose animal. When the matter went to court I was fined $262.00 or thirty days in jail and given until 15 October 2014 to pay the fine. Now my wife is physically challenged and in a wheelchair. She was diagnosed with cancer shortly before the court hearing. Although I am an ordained minister I don't hold a salaried ministry position. I work two secular jobs to try and pay the medical and other household bills. We don't have the money to pay the fine. A month from today it seems like I will be going to the jail where I have spent over seven years as volunteer chaplain. Of course that will cost me the jobs I have and leave my wife without me for a month. GOD has led me to post this today to remind us that uncaring words can hurt innocent people. Had my 16 year old daughter not ben hateful I would not be facing jail. Remember to think before speaking NO MATTER WHAT OTHERS MAY DO I SHALL SERVE THE LORD
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