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Burberry Bags Outlet Ru9Fu Dp3Ln My3Le Kb8pt

Hometown Huaihua opened,Burberry Bags Outlet, ushered guests from afar. Sophora japonica bloom every year in May, far apart to hometown huailin beekeepers will come. Select a locust tree forest,Burberry Outlet, into the box into the box will be moved to the open place hives, ordered, Fang Feng honey. There's beekeepers in order to catch flowering, moved ahead to stay and wait for flowers. After these guests from afar mostly trucked hives went away, leaving several people set up camp, and bee husbandry, and Hillwood companion,Burberry Mens Bags, look Huakaihuaxie. Every time I see the mountain when the banks of smoke curl, catch up on the addition of a bloom of people, more than a beekeeper's home.

SJ fragrance of May, beekeepers and bees like a bird of freedom, among the flowers and enjoy working hard. Intoxicating fragrance busy bees, in the years beekeepers hard and fulfilling swaying, precipitation, lest the sweet honey. Listen to this Huaihua honey beekeepers say is the best spring honey, high nutritional value, can also be used as medicine. Whenever honey lead time, beekeepers will greet fellow who went to taste, the spring of the most beautiful, the sweetest thing to share with you.

Just brew Huaihua honey clear water,Burberry Women Bags, such as nectar, scoop a spoonful Wanlv thousands of silk, taste a sweet and refreshing, refreshing. However, as long as the taste of one, will not dare to come back the second port, because too sweet, sweet tongue can not move. SJ taste the honey in his mouth sweetness, watching SJ, was flattered. It is extremely common hometown Huaihua, yet beautiful to the entire spring,, the sweet,Burberry Factory, fragrant and innocence selflessly to the earth. Lin could not help think of the source of the smoke,Burberry Factory Outlet, "Sophora japonica incense": "May Huaihua open, snow-like clusters of butterflies irresolute slight wind waves,Burberry Handbags, strings of floating balcony bursts Qing Fang Qin, dancing angels why I ask something.. ? also the world an innocent. "

I love the hometown of Huaihua, Huaihua most is the hometown of sweet.SJ hometown can meal. SJ not only to the unique fragrance to attract people, but also become a table meal. When SJ opened, people will come to the mountains to go,, or climb the tree or pole with a hook, carry baskets, bags to pick Sophora japonica. People generally prefer not yet adopted SJ blooming bud bud, because such Cassia buds do the dishes more chewiness, more refreshing. After washing with water to the mining SJ, and flour, put some salt and other spices, then stir, after steaming stew becomes a sweet and refreshing, not greasy but tasty noodle "Sophora japonica Maifan" the . There are people with SJ dumplings, cakes do Huaihua, Huaihua porridge, unique flavor, is a favorite food of rural people.

Today, it is the season of bloom Huaihua,, Huaihua hometown has come out from the mountains, into the supermarket, on the household's table.SJ hometown opened, spring more trouble. Huaihua honey, SJ rice, hometown flavor,Burberry UK, get out of this May's hometown of time.Hometown Huaihua opened, charming huailin, seductive fragrance,Burberry Outlet Store, small farm house drunk,Burberry Purses Outlet, drunk rural mountains,Burberry Outlet Online, also drunk wandering heart.May the world Fangfei, SJ is the hometown of the most sweet.
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