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12:18 PM   [07 Sep 2014 | Sunday]

Faith And Emotions (Part Three)

Those who practice intimidation are themselves run by the spirit of fear. As a result, they are disconnected from perfect love. As long as they embrace fear, they will be void of love. When they are void of love, they tend to fill that void with something else. With fear, comes hatred and anger, for hatred is the absence of love personified in unjustified disdain and even hostility toward others. Love empowers faith as it gives people the authority to walk in the power of faith (see Galatians 5:6). Fear leads to anger, which is a counterfeit of true power. Anger gives people a sense of power over fear as well as people, even though fear will at times trigger anger.

One way they use anger is to protect themselves from others, since it as a tendency to keep people at bay. Very few people get close to an angry person. Another use is manipulation. That is they employ anger and wrath (rage or a sudden burst of anger) to cause others to step in line with their wishes and demands. Anger works together with fear to limit, if not eliminate, someone’s freedom of choice. In a number of instances people would rather step in line than “face the consequences” or the perceived consequences. We all at one point or another heard someone say something to the effect, “If you don’t do as I say, I am going to be very angry.” Other times people will seek to intimidate others by that quick burst of anger, whether it is simply yelling or some other body motion such as slamming their fist on the table. Some are so effective with their use of intimidation that a person warns others about them. “Don’t make him mad!” They themselves may call it motivation, but it really is manipulation.

The greatest weapon against fear is love. As we know, “Perfect love casts out fear” (see 1 John 4:18). When people come to receive the love of God, fear departs from their midst. Love and fear (terror, anxiety, intimidation) cannot coexist. Love is of the Light, whereas, fear is a work of darkness. When Light enters into the picture, darkness has to flee. That is why we should ask for more love if we feel fear trying to come on us. Love is the opposite of fear and it rises up in faith and courage. Love also rises up in compassion for those ensnared by fear. 1John 4:18 also tells us that fear is attached to torment. Therefore, those who are fearful are tormented. Furthermore, people who are angry and afraid are those who have been hurt. This means that those who are constantly angry are in need of healing. Some who practice intimidation have come to use this weapon as a survival technique in a hostile environment, which includes dysfunctional families. Some cultures practice intimidation, which means there are people groups who are completely ran by the spirit of fear. Our challenge as believers is to love those who are in such bondage. Part of our warfare is to pray that those who intimidate or even terrorize others would receive the love of God. Love is the only way we can successfully combat fear.

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