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7:15 AM   [07 Sep 2014 | Sunday]

If You Are Going Through Hell Keep Going

IF, AS a Christian, you are experiencing trouble, you are winning!! Over many years and many tough times I have come to realize that tribulations and trials mean I am doing something RIGHT. If the devil was not worried about you he would leave you alone. He only comes against those that are a  threat to him.

We don't hear enough about this in Christian teaching. JESUS said, 'In the world you WILL have tribulation, but be of GOOD CHEER for I have overcome the world'.

The title of this post is the title of a book by Pastor Doug Giles (Florida). Doug has an UNUSUAL way of expressing himself. This particular book of his has been a help to me in keeping perspective during hard times. Here are some portions from the book;

QUOTE; We learned that, according to the Bible, saints experience 'hell' because they are kicking but and taking names for God. A righteous life does not exclude a believer from the blunt end of hells pool cue. Matter of fact, it guarantees it!! Do you feel like you're being Kentucky fried by the trials of life? Do you feel like God, satan, people and animals secretly loathe you? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, you're in good company. Some of the most powerful and amazing folks that God has ever used went through prolonged periods of internal and external crud that reeked worse than a sun dried manatee carcass. And get this; they actually grew - even prospered - through their pain. Yep, they didn't blame God or man, become atheists, start smoking crack, or become bi-curious during their college years just because things didn't go their way. No, they cowboyed up, saw their trials as a gift, embraced whatever discipline God had for them, exercised their faith when under fire and through it all, became holy winners, not haggard whiners!!

Y'know, in days gone by, tough times were no big deal to the believer, because Christians tended to be a tad bit pluckier back then. Where did they get their holy bulldog resiliency? Well they actually read the Bible, believed it and understood from the BALANCE of Scripture that bad times, as well as good, were promised by Jesus, Moses and the boys. Therefore when bad things happened the believers from bygone days did not wail like sirens, move home with mummy, and/or renounce their Christianity because things momentarily were jacked up. No, they rolled with the pain and grew thereby. I know, pretty weird , right? UNQUOTE

Something to think about.


Mood: calm
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