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City:Elathagiri, Krishnagiri
State: Tamilnadu
Country: India

Signup Date: 10/20/2012

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8:14 AM   [16 Aug 2014 | Saturday]

Gosppel Train


                   Do You Belong To This Train

Are You in the Train?


indian train.jpg


” But He answered them, "You give them something to eat!" And they said to Him, "Shall we go and spend two hundred denarii on bread and give them something to eat?"

                                                                                                (Mark.6:37 –NASV)


I, T. Arvind Mohan Dass, is just like a Train Driver pulling, 30 (or) more bogies and I have to drive them to the destination. The owner of the train is JESUS CHRIST. And not me. The passengers are in the train for the FIRST TIME, and have never travelled in the gospel train that belongs to the KINGDOM OF GOD. The jpurney is very long till we reached our destination and the CAPTAIN OF THE TRAIN will then take the FULL CHARGE. The driver and the co-drivers’ job now is to go and tell people that God’s train has many free vacant seats and plead with them to get in and take the travel to Heaven.

Don’t get angry on Engine Drivers:  Look at “Bethel’s 30 bogies” as part of the train and not as the property of the leader. Though leadership is a blessing in many ways, it is a “Huge Cross”, in many ways. Don’t we realize that the Treain has a mechanized Engine that needs to me stumilized with electric (or) diesel Power? Don’t we realize that more bogies had to be added and more people to be provided with a seat? Don’t we reralize that we need to be with them till the end of their journey?

5 bread 2 fish.jpg

Lord Jesus Method of Evangelism:  Jesus and his Apostles had a 3 days of preaching in a desert place, wnd it was a mountain. Jesus knew that “People will Faint on the way if they were sent hungry”. The Lord Jesus Loved them and cared for them. They were not accused of being poor mouthed or lazy junks. Jesus rather commanded the disciples to give them food. “You give them some thing to eat”. The disciples had no funds to buy food! There was this little boy with 5 loaves and 2 fish and willingly gave to Jesus! REMEMBER JESUS COULD HAVE FED ALL OF THEM WITH FISH AND BREAD RAINING THEM FROM HEAVEN! But here he was teaching us “the power of Multiplication“.  Five theousand men, many hundreds of women and kids ate and 12 basket full of remains were collected…may be each disciple getting one basketful! The mission and ministry efforts were supported by few devoted women. The ministries of the Apostles were totally God dependent. Apostle Paul who established many churches amongst the jews and the gentiles in his 3 missionary journeis was collecting funds from rich churches and supported, “poor saints in churches newly established”.  Many friends and saints who still toil and ivolved in direct mission efforts in India know what I talk about. Unfortunately, some are very critical of fund raising! They curse, taunt, tease, and even curse us for “Fund raising efforts”.


Appeal for Prayer for the Following:


Project Free Bible Distribution: The Lord has opened a door for me to buy Bibles in vernacular languages for just INR. 100 . 00 from Bangalore. Tamil, Telugu, Kanada, and Malayalam Bibles are needed. I need Now 500 bibles. These bibles will be distributed freely to New Christian believers, who are not able to  buy one. This is just once done. Pray and ask the Lord to provide me now Rs. 50,000. 00 (1000$) (or) 730 –Euro.


Gospel Can:  Our Gospel van is 4 years old and under the “State Bank of India” Loan. I pay an EMI of Rs.12,000/- . But for the last few months we were not able to do so. We are Expecting the bank to come to us any time and take away the Van. I am a polio and diabetic victim and the van helps us to mobilize as a team to visit many villages separated miles apart.  I need to change all the new tiers and the Battery is totally worn out (It existed 4 years).


Bethel Society: Needs  your urgent prayers. As we are under the rule of pro-hindu government, the axe of closing all the non-functioning and faulty functioning Christian organization banned and closed. Our projects are dusted and never takes off. Many widows and aged people are on the waiting list for years.



Pray for our associate churches and pastors and evangelists. It’s some months now that I called them for prayer in our campus. I need 4000 INR for this purpose to feed them and provide a 2 way travel subsidy.


Sharing One another’s burden:  As the founder and the director of Bethel Missions, we have toiled beyond our capacity. We have lost many things. We live a very simple life and tortured life with cares and worries of missions. I literally want to run away into some dense forest and never want to return. Some times I want to die.  It’s such a pressure and weeping and waiting on the Lord for years. Will You Pray for us? Ask the Lord to pour out his Power, strength and resources to drive the Train of Eternity!  Will You come forward and partner with us?

Write to me if you are moved by the Holy Spirit.@ :










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