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6:32 AM   [02 Jul 2014 | Wednesday]

Jesus Had Coffee With Sinners

Jesus ate and drank with sinners, so the Gospels tell us. Probably the equivalent of our meeting at Starbucks for coffee. 

A couple of days ago I read some advice to Christians for handling contact with the worlds uncleaness. Basically the advice was get away from it lest you be contaminated. Is that the mind set  we are supposed to have?

I don't think so. Obviously we should not go looking for contact with the many instances of impurity in the world. We can change channels on the TV, choose not to read ugh! stuff and stay away from places preeminently sinful. But what about the many situations where I can't get away. I had a situation not to long ago where I was working with a self employed person, just the two of us together every day. He  knew I was a Christian and I spoke openly about the Lord. This guy was not bothered about me being a Christian and continued with his normal conversation of dirty jokes and generally off! conversation. I couldn't get away, I had to work with him for three months.

I have been in that situation many times before. My first thought always is, here is a sinner whom Jesus died for. He is still alive so God is not holding his sins against him but has already forgiven him in Christ if he will accept it. Secondly Mark 7v18 records Jesus saying,' Are you thus without understanding also? Do you not perceive that whatever enters a man from the outside cannot defile him, because it does not enter his heart'.....He goes on to say that what is in a persons heart and what comes out of it is what defiles them. Therefore I don't have to be concerned about being contaminated.

It is important , and life is so much easier, if we have received the pure heart that Jesus obtained for us by His suffering, death, burial and resurrection. Acts 15v9 records Peter as saying that a pure heart is received by faith. Jesus said,'blessed are the pure in heart'. Speaking of the heart in Luke 6 He said that a good tree cannot bear bad fruit. We can then go out into the world knowing what God has made clean cannot be made unclean. We can then focus on praying for and winning the lost to the Gospel.


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Sonshine | Tue Jul 08, 2014, 14:07

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