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We had church on Thursday night. We have church every Thursday night, an outreach for those who cannot attend on the weekends. I don't usually attend on Thursday nights, because I will hear the same sermon on Sunday. But this time I did.

It was a transition week for our church. I attend a multi-campus church, each site lovingly connected by technology, but more so by the bond that Christ forms between His kids.
That week, the Thursday night service was transitioning from being the first sermon of the week to the last, so we heard a one-time message by our campus pastor to allow us to be on schedule.

And as God often does, it proved to be more than that.

Our pastor shared about Peter. Good old Peter. I do like Peter. Stories about him are always so off-the-wall, so in your face. Granted, he acted before he thought most of the time, but he acted. And that night, our pastor talked about him walking on the water.

When he concluded the message, our pastor talked about how Peter was the only one who got to tell a "Wait until you hear what Jesus and I did today" story. All the others had to tell a "Wait until you hear what I watched Jesus and Peter do today" story.

I was only a month removed from quitting my full-time job to be a full-time writer, from being a watcher to a doer. And I was overwhelmed with the knowledge that I, too, had gotten out of the boat to walk with Jesus. I was encouraged, and burdened. A lady spoke to me before church about my decision, and I pictured her face the entire message. She, as well as others, would have the opportunity to be strengthened because of the victories God would give me. If I didn't give up.

When I spoke to my pastor after the sermon, he said he had been praying for me. He knew the course I was trying to follow, that I was on the path to tell my own walking-on-the-water story. And the one word I'll never forget that he said was, "Cannonball!"

Not just my feet, but my head and my hands too! (That's Peter again, in John 13:9). Yes, Peter. Let's get wet, walking on the water with Jesus.


©2014 Wendi Miller

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