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Meditate and Sow

Ok, wow....limitless life moment this morning! :) So this morning...or should I say lately many mornings I feel like my life is still at a pause. Meaning I still feel like my life is at a stand still and when is it going to get going . So this morning I had a transformation moment, or should I say God gave me a transforming moment, lol. As I was reading (to get my brain working and my body ready for action), key basics where brought to my attention. Now I've known about these basics but I guess the Lord wanted to touch again upon them. They were about studying the scriptures and giving. Now I love diving into scripture and reading commentaries on the chapters. So my devotions are rather long in the morning but the time spent to meditate with the Lord are priceless. So what was brought to my attention was that "It is possible for men/woman to be very studious in the letter of the Scriptures, yet be strangers to its power." Yikes, this made me take a step back...."ok what are you showing me Lord?" looks like to many on the outside of my faith to look at what I do, as a routine in the mornings. I post inspirational messages from the current Bible study I'm doing through out the day, and do my devotionals in the morning till about noon if that's what the Lord wants me to do. But through all that, when I took a step back I got sad, because I felt in my heart that I don't want it to become a routine, and that searching the scriptures just becomes head knowledge. Don't get me wrong I LOVE STUDYING, but what I want also is heart knowledge. I would love to see the people see Jesus through the scriptures through my life. So needless to say it made me "pause" "reflect" "repent" for when it seemed I was just searching the Scriptures out of routine. Second Basic.....Giving I've always wanted to give any chance I can get, I long to give, though lately I seem (through my eyes now) to not have the finances to give how much I want to give to various places. But then it doesn't have to be money, it can be a majority of ways. So God wants our schools, jobs, money to be looked at as mission fields. I seemed to have knowed that but it was like He pulled on my heart strings and said "Wake up! see!" Do you know that 2,000 verses, including 16 of Jesus' 38 parables were about money and possessions? Hmmmm So moral to all this I 1. Ask that my knowledge of the scriptures becomes more evident in my heart. 2. That I am always going to be ready to give no matter what. 3. The manner of my giving will be watched. To be generous, in the Biblical idea of the word, has more to do with our attitude in giving than with the amount that we give.
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